Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So yea..

So I know I should be writing a "Yay I'm home, everything is the same, no one's changed" blog post but I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe later.

Instead I want to talk about something a little different from the usual update about the happenings in my life. Instead this is about the things not happening.

Ya know when you daydream and you conjure up awesome things that could happen to you in you normal course of your daily life? (Please don't say it's just me..) I probably do it way more then the normal person but my daydreams are just so much better then my reality sometimes. Because I make them up.

I daydream about everything. I'm not going to tell you any of the specifics but just once, it would be awesome if one of them actually happened. If just once, my life became as awesomely dramatic as the TV shows I watch. Not dramatic in a bad way but in a romantic or action-filled way. Yup. I said it. Romantic. Just like pretty much every other girl, I'm a sucker for that mushy stuff too. But I love action just as much as the next girl.

So anyways. That's all. I just want something wonderfully dramatic to happen in my life. Dramatic may not be the best word, but I'm assuming you know what I'm talking about. Theatrical maybe? Hollywood worthy? Something out of the movies. I think you get the picture.

I better be careful what I wish for though. I want to be something good dramatic, not bad.

Just clearing that up.

OK. Bye.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ok so it's like 3am and I can't sleep.

1. because it feels like 1am
2. because I am too excited that I'm home to sleep
3.  because I'M HOME!

Everything is wonderful. 
So here is the run down of the things I love about home:

Reuniting with my parents.
Reuniting with Shaunessy.
Reuniting with Herndon ward-ites.
Having Christmas decorations up.
Having my room exactly how I left it.
Seeing my dog. (even if he did run right past me to see Marcie first...)
Feeling at home. 
Looking through my yearbook.
Being so excited to see my friends again.
Going to DC (tomorrow I go!)
Lounging on my couch.
Having such a large room. All to myself!
Being reunited with Maggie (my Honda Civic)

Ahhh. Everything about home makes me so happy. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here's to the Girls.

Boys are good.  
Good at toying with hearts.
Good at leading on.
Good at playing games.
Just good.

So here's to the girls who get toyed with, lead on, and played. 

Here's to the girls who let their hearts be toyed with, 
only to be tossed aside for the next, new, shiny toy.

Here's to the girls who follow in the hopes of being lead into a relationship, 
but get lead right back where she was, alone.

Here's to the girls who play the games in hopes of winning, 
but never do.

Here's to the girls who work extra hard in the mornings to look pretty,
but never get noticed.

Here's to the girls who wait patiently for the right boy to come along,
but he's late, or never shows.

Here's to the girl who is trying so hard to get over him, 
but he wont let her.

Here's to the girls who fall hopelessly,
and aren't caught.

Here's to the girls who get right back up,
only to be dropped again.

Here's to the girls who have no hope at all, 
because their parents didn't give them any.

Here's to the girls who want to love someone else so badly,
they can't love themselves.

Here's to the girls just trying to get by.

Head up girls, 
boys turn into men. 
Well most of them anyway.

Disclaimer: Don't worry about me and this semi-sad blogpost. I was inspired by this other article I read about the "nice guys." This is not all based on my life. Just thought the girls needed some credit.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let me take a minute to say...

I'm so ready to go home that thinking about it makes my stomach hurt.
I can't wait to see Shaunessy. That also makes my stomach hurt to think about.
I can't wait to see my other friends it makes me stomach hurt.
I am so sick of school that makes my stomach hurt.
I'm so sick to trying to study it makes my stomach hurt.

So I guess it's safe to say my stomach is in constant pain. 

Don't worry though, 4 more days and my stomach wont hurt anymore. 
My mouth will from smiling and laughing too much. 
Well not too much. 
An adequate amount. 

That's all. 
My minute is up.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm trying I really am..

I'm trying to study but all I can think about how much I want to go home. I keep thinking of all the things I want to do, the people I want to see, and it's all too much and I can't study while all that's on my mind. So in order to try to get it out of my mind so I can have room for important stuff like finals and what not I'm going to put it all down here in this blogpost.

Things to do when I go home:

  • Go to DC.
  • Have a crafternoon at the Neels.
  • Go to the South Lakes v. Herndon Basketball game.
  • Watch endless amounts of movies and TV shows.
  • Have our 2nd annual Secret Santa with the girls.
  • Go to Wing Night for old times sake. 
  • Spend a lot of time with family. 
  • Get presents for people.
  • Go to Chipotle, Potbelly's, Panera, and Rio Grande a lot.
  • Make yummy food I find on Pinterest
  • Have a religious discussion with Griffin.
  • Drive Maggie (my Honda Civic)
  • Finish The Hunger Games
  • Just live it up before school starts again. 
I'm sure there is more but I can't think of it all. My brain is kind of been on overload lately. It gives me a huge headache. It's kind of awful. But it makes it all better to know I'll return to lovely VA in 6 days. SIX. Those six days cannot go by fast enough. I mean honestly.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Finals Strategy.

Here is my Finals Strategy:
1. Don't think about how much these tests actually count. Just don't think about it.

cause if I did think about it, I'd look like this!

2. Plan on passing every class. That way when I do pass, I'm satisfied. But if I exceed passing (say I get an A or something) I'm surprised and have a reason to celebrate just a little but harder.

3. Take frequent dance breaks. Yup. They are lovely. And embarrassing if anyone happens to walk by my window..

4. Candy. Eat lots and lots of candy.

my current candy of choice- cinnamon santas
5. Keep in mind that I go home in 10 days. TEN!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I love Sundays.

I just love Sundays. I love that I get to get dressed up, go to church, then go to family dinner. On Sundays I get to breathe. It's a break for pretty much everything. It's my day to recharge. And today was an especially wonderful Sunday. It was fast Sunday (meaning I was fasting, and people go and bear their testimonies during church) and I was so impressed with my ward. So many people went up and bore such strong, meaningful testimonies. It really helped to strengthen my own testimony. Here were some thoughts I was pretty much overwhelmed by this Sunday:

-The God of the entire universe is aware of me. Not only is He aware of me, but he loves me more then I can comprehend. I don't know how that works or how I deserve that but somehow it works and it astounds me.

-Christ suffered for me personally. I always thought that the Atonement was just one big moment of suffering for all the sins of the world. But while being here at BYU I've learned it was an individual suffering. There was a moment where Christ, the Redeemer of the world, the son of God, suffered for me. He was thinking of me as He suffered for my sins. Again I don't know how that works but somehow it does and it makes me want to live my life in a way that makes that moment as short as possible.

-The temple is a sacred, and amazing place. My teacher in relief society put it perfectly, she said, "everyday imperfect people go to a perfect place to help become perfected." I'm grateful for a place where I can go to escape the world and all it's troubles and find peace. I'm grateful for the things that go on in the temple that make it possible for me to be with my family forever.

Those were the big three. Anyways I just love Sundays and as I go to start the last two weeks of this semester I am renewed and recharged. I am newly determined to work my butt off to finish this semester strong and then get that worked off butt home.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Healthy!

Can I just take a minute to talk about how happy I am to be as healthy as I am?

Lately I've noticed how far I've come from where I was after my whole knee fiasco.
I go for runs.
Meaning I put on my fancy sneakers, go outside, and RUN.

That may seem small and you may be asking yourself, "why on earth are you happy that you can run. I'd take any excuse I can get to not run."
But for me that's huge.
I don't mean to be dramatic I know there are plenty of things that could have been worse then tearing my ACL but it's my blog so I'm allowed to be a little dramatic.

Like most people I have a love/hate relationship with running.
But more often then not I love it.
The only part I hate is the before.
Which is so odd to me.
Wouldn't I not mind the before if I love every other part of it?
I'm just so lazy and so it's difficult to motivate myself to go.
But once I do I love it.
I love being in my own little world.
Out of all the many things in my life I can't control, when I run I control everything.
I control how fast I go, where I go, how long I go, what music I listen to, and what I think about.
I love the feeling afterwards.
I love hearing my iPod man, I call him Roberto, say "Nice work!" and "New record!"
(Don't ask why I call him Roberto..he doesn't even sound hispanic..)
I love feeling sore. It makes me feel accomplished.

I just love running and I'm happy to be healthy.
If you are healthy, don't take that for granted, use it.
Go running, walking, swimming, biking, anything!
Cause you never realize how good something is until it's gone.
So don't wait until it's gone.

That's all.
Oh, and,
Be happy.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Thanksgiving Weekend

This year for Thanksgiving I didn't get to go home. And at first I was ok with that because I knew my parents would be coming out and we would have a blast with family. But then I realized that by me not going home I was missing out on a lot. The Lacrosse alumni game, seeing my friends, our wards turkey bowl, etc. After realizing all that I'd be missing I was getting pretty homesick and super jealous of everyone who got to go home. Like my friend Alex said, "I feel like Harry when everyone goes home for Christmas and he is stuck at Hogwarts."Even though my family is all out here I still was feeling homesick for good ol' Herndon and everything it has to offer.

But then I got to the amazing cabin where I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We were up in the mountains and it's just gorgeous up there. I snuck out of my room and went out on the balcony and was just astounded by the amount of stars you can see. It was so quiet that I felt like I was disturbing the peace by crunching the snow as I walked. Oh yea, did I mention there was snow up here. Generally I'm not a big fan of snow but up here, it's perfect. I think coming here was a perfect decision, for all of us. It's a perfect time and place to get away and just be able to have down time to think. I loved that I got to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandpa and I love that I got to have some quiet moments at night where I could sneak out to go stare at the stars.

Overall I'm really glad with how my Thanksgiving weekend turned out. I got to reconnect with my family, giggle at my grandpa's slightly racist comments, get away from the "real world", and just relax. I still cannot wait until I go home. About 3 more weeks. They can't pass by fast enough.

Also some really exciting news, Sara got her mission call! Paris, France! Could it be anymore perfect?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving all! 

Now what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't do an "I'm thankful for..." blog? 
So here it is, 
I'm thankful for-
  • My family. I'm so glad I get to see my parents this week. I've missed them so much. I love that my extended family is so close to me now. I never got to grow up with them being so close so it's been so great to live in Utah and be able to go to family dinners. I love that I'm close to my sister too. We have never been this close. Ever. I love hearing her drama and being involved in her life. I honestly never thought we would get this close. 

  • My friends. I talk about them a lot in my blogs but it's just because they are so great. I don't know why they put up with me or are even friend with me. But they are. They are so patient and so good to me. Even when I may not deserve it. Thanks guys for putting up with me.

  • BYU. Even though I jump at every opportunity to leave the BYU bubble I love it here. I love how nice the people are, the hipsters, the child-size handful of black boys (I don't mean that as a racist joke..I actually love them and wish there were more..just clarifying..), the spiritual atmosphere, the on-going jokes about who will get married first (it will not be me), the shenanigans of Helaman Halls, my crazy friends, and so much more. Everyday I realize how perfect this school is for me. 

  • Herndon. I miss home like crazy. But im grateful for everything Herndon has done for me. It's given me life-long friends, so many opportunities to do so many different things I have loved, and just great memories. It will always be home. Even if it was recently voted the most vulgar city in the whole United States...keep it classy Herndon. 

  • Music. It always amazes me how music can instantly change my mood. I am not afraid to admit that I shamelessly turn my music on when I'm home alone and dance it out. Try it sometime. It'll most likely change your life. This is currently one of my favorite songs to dance to by myself- (the video is lame and a tad sketchy so dont watch your gonna watch it I know it.)

  • My health. I am no longer a gimp. I am at about 90% back. I wont be 100% until May 2012 but 90% is so much better then the 10% I was at just a couple months ago.

best picture I coud find with my brace..
and it's not even my hefty one..sorry folks.
  • Little Kids. They remind me to be happy. They never hesitate to giggle and get excited about anything. They help me see and appreciate the simple joys of life. 

  • My iPhone. Yes, that is very materialistic of me but it really is so useful. I definitely spend too much time on it but it comes in handy very often. I use the Maps app a lot, tweet a lot, check my e-mail a lot, and just so many other things. It has saved my life many times. (figuratively of course)

  • The gospel. Yup. Just had to say it. It's the reason I have all these other things. 

There are a bunch of other things but those are the biggies. (haha yes I included my iPhone on the biggies list. Embarrassing..) 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's one of those nights..

I have these nights where I can't sleep because my mind is racing a billion miles a minute. And tonight is one of those nights. So I tried to read a little to calm my mind but that just made it worse. I'm currently reading Ellen's new book, "Seriously...I'm kidding" and it's simply delightful. I love Ellen. I thought that maybe if I started to write down the things I was thinking it'd help to calm my mind down enough where I could sleep. Because sleep is necessary. Especially when you have 2 huge papers to write in one day. Whoop Whoop. are some things running through my mind. (For surely I cannot share them all, I like to keep you guessing. J)

Thought Number 1:
It's ridiculously hot in this room. I'm pretty positive our thermostat is broken again. How does Shelby sleep like this? She has her sheets, comforter, and another blanket atop her. And I believe she is wearing a sweatshirt. I wont inclose what I'm wearing but I'm definitely not wearing a sweatshirt. (I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts people, don't let your mind wander so far.)

Thought Number 2:
Tomorrow (today) is a big day. I have so much to do! I have to write 2 papers, clean for cleaning checks, other random homework, and somehow get to bed early because I have an early morning Dentist  appointment in Salt Lake. Then I get to pick up my Mom! I cannot wait. I wish I didn't have classes on Thursday so I could play with her all day but I have my 2 huge papers due in those classes so I can't skip them. Boo school. Ruining family bonding time.

Thought Number 3:
I miss Herndon Basketball. Austin played on TV today and it was so exciting to see him play again. And in the big leagues. Emily and I skyped while we watched it and we just couldn't help ourselves but recall the great adventures of Herndon Basketball. I miss Herndon and all it's inhabitants. (Even if it was deemed most vulgar city in all of the USA for the 2nd time...Come on people.) I can't wait to see my high school friends again. I'm already planning a white elephant party. Get ready friends, it's gonna be great.

Thought Number 4:
I'm a child. Let me explain that a little..I was reading Ellen's book and she started talking about children and their sense of wonder, (Faith Hill anyone?) and how they get excited over little things. And I realized that I do that. I get abnormally excited over little things. Nothing specific comes to mind but it's true, you are just going to have to trust me on this one. Oh! I thought of one. The other day I was outside and I stepped down and I left a footprint. I didn't even know my shoes were wet. I found it interesting. I made a noise showing my surprise and my friend Walker laughed at me. He likes to make fun of the things I do, he blames it on my blonde hair. Well Walker, you're wrong. I just haven't lost my sense of wonder. I see the good in the world. (BYUtv anyone?) I also love jumping in puddles, crunching leaves, and making wishes on stars. And yes, I still sleep with my Blankie. Call it me being blonde, call it me being immature, call it whatever you want, but I call it still having a sense of wonder. Which is pretty rare in this world if I do say so myself.

Thought Number 5:
Have I not done enough crazy things in my life? I don't have any really great stories to tell my kids. I haven't taken very many risks. Am I living my college years to the fullest? Is that even possible? I mean the only really exciting thing I have done worth re-telling is Roscoe. My illegal cat of one night. That's not enough! I need more! My kids deserve more! People help me have good stories to tell me kids! (Alex and Makenzie, don't hold this against me.)

Thought Number 6:
I cannot wait to have an apartment. I have so many plans already. I'm going to surprise my roommates with a nummy breakfast often, institute random dancing, have many parties, try a whole bunch of new recipes, and much more. So come visit me a lot next year friends. My apartment is going to be where it's at.

Well. Those are all the thoughts I'm willing to share. Believe me there were a ton more. I'll spare you my thought on marriage. Your welcome. Now I'm going to try to sleep. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Definition of Happy

While still on my happiness kick I thought I'd define my "happy." So here are a few things that just sing happiness to me:

  • Sweats, blankets and a good movie or TV show. Lately my two favorite TV shows are Grey's Anatomy and 30 Rock. 

  • Looking/feeling classy. When I am wearing an outfit I'm proud of and have my classy bracelets on I love it. It's one of the best feelings.
  • Feeling completely comfortable being myself. Whenever I am with my close friends and am free to go crazy without fear of judgement, that is simply the best.
  • Witty days. I have days when I just think I am so witty and funny. Usually I am not as witty or as funny as I think but I get a good laugh out of it. 
  • Little kids. They are just the cutest. I love their curiosity, their little personalities, and the instant joy at any little thing. Never grow up kids. Happiness doen't come as easy when you get older.

  • Feeling pretty. I guess it's kind of the same thing as feeling classy but isn't it just the best feeling?
  • Being at peace. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have class at 9am then I have a break until 11am and I always go to the Wilk, get my blueberry bagel and plain cream cheese, sit and listen to some feel-good music, and do homework, blog, facebook stalk, etc. It is always a refreshing hour or so of peace. 
  • Family. I absolutely love my family. I love that I'm close to my extended family and can go to Sunday dinners. I miss my Mom and Dad a lot but even though they are so far away, I still love them more and more everyday. (I don't even know how that is possible.)

  • Good Music. I don't have any specific bands, artists, or genres that are my favorite but I just call it feel-good music. Some recent favorites are Ray LaMontange, Joe Purdy, Norah Jones, Noah & the Whale, Adele, Justin Bieber (have you heard his Christmas CD?? I highly recommend it.), Bon Iver, Melody Gardot, Lil Wayne :) 

  • Sleep. I have not been getting nearly enough lately but when I do, oh it's the best feeling to just lay down and fall instantly asleep. 
  • Good friends. I have some of the best friends in the whole world. When I really start thinking about it I don't know how I got so lucky. They are so patient and just sit and listen to my constant ranting, planning, immaturity, uncalled for excitement, etc. But really guys, why are you friends with me? 
  • Scarves. I wish I had a scarf for every day of the year. I just love them.
  • Rain. I love a good rain. I love the smell, the sound, and I love to put on my rain-boots and raincoat and jump in the puddles like at 4 year old. I don't think there is anything better. Okay maybe..

  • Being alone either in the car or my room and just belting any and every song that comes on my radio. It also happens in the shower where I so easily forget that I may be alone in the shower, but not too far outside the shower are my roommates. But it's what I go to when I'm not feeling so great because it instantly makes me unbelievably happy.
  • Wedding anything. It's no secret I'm a sucker for anything wedding. I'm constantly watching wedding videos, looking at pictures, and planning my own. I just love the shear joy on everyones faces at the wedding. I'm pretty sure all my pictures from my wedding day will be me looking like this-

so much excitement. 
  • And of course I have to put in the Gospel. It makes me the most happy. 
There are probably a billion other things that make me super happy and I'm just not thinking of them right now. But there is a quick list of things that make me oh so happy. 
What makes you happy? 
Do more of that. 
Someone at church yesterday said something that I loved,
"always make time to be happy."
So do it. 
Be happy. :)

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Lesson Learned.

    So this week has been one of the more stressful, frustrating, and insightful weeks of my life. A pretty bold statement I know. Allow me to explain.

    I had 4 tests this week. FOUR. That is 4 more then I'd like to have. (Obviously.) And if you have been diligently reading my blog (which you better be..) then you know I am no good at taking tests. If you are one of the not-so-diligent readers, click here.

    First I had my Book of Mormon test. I read all the required reading, went to every class period, went to the early morning review session, studied a bunch on my own and then went to take the test. Didn't do well. "Surprise, surprise" I thought.

    The next day I had my Effective Study and Learning Test. Same routine, went to every class, did all the readings, studied a lot, and then took the test. I got an 86% on the multiple choice. (There were a lot more writing stuff too that hasn't been graded yet.) Pretty happy about that. But in all honestly, the class is only 1 credit. The tests are supposed to be easy.

    Then came American Heritage. I went to every class and lab, read most the readings, went to reviews, studied with a group and by myself, then took the test. During I was kept thinking, "Oh! Good I know this, this isn't so bad!" Didn't do well. I left the testing center so frustrated. At first I was in shock. Speechless. So much work was put into that test. So much time and effort. Then after the shock of it all I got angry. All that work for what? An embarrassingly horrible grade? Then I just felt awful. I felt pathetic and frankly I felt stupid. Then I did the only thing I know to do in these situations. I called my Mom. She always knows what to do. After a reassuring talk with her letting all my emotions out I calmed down and started to think of the things that needed to be done in order to do well on my final.

    I still have one more test this week. Physical Science. And honestly odds are it will go exactly as American Heritage went. But that's ok. Things work out. I'm learning from all this. Here are some things I've learned about myself-

    • I like to do things myself. I don't like to get help. I'm a little arrogant that way. This also makes me learn things the hard way. I kept thinking that if I just studied harder I could do better without any "accommodations" or extra help. It took me a semester or two but I got it. I can't do everything by myself. I need help. I'm only human. And I'm not stupid.
    • I am a generally happy person. This is both a blessing and a bit of a curse sometimes. No matter how bad a situation my be I can only stay unhappy for a little bit. No matter how hard I try to stay mad I just can't. I remember driving home after a lacrosse game where I played particularly bad and just trying to be angry the whole car ride home. I just thought that's what I had to do. It's what I deserved. But I just couldn't. I tried listening to some angry music, but I couldn't find any on my iPod. I just can't be unhappy for very long. It doesn't take much to cheer me up. Which overall is a good thing. 
    • God is good. I've been saying this a lot lately but it's so true. God is so good. And that's just that, God is good. 

    Now, wish me luck as I go on to my next test and try to take the necessary steps to save my grades from being too horribly embarrassing. And as I suck up my pride to get help to deal with me Executive Functioning Disorder. Both of which are quite daunting tasks.

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    So Grateful..

    This will most likely be a more slightly religious post. (Don't stop reading...please?)

    So many blessings. 
    God is so good. 
    Honestly I am so blessed.

    Last night I helped my friend Alex write a lesson for Church and I loved what we were talking about.
    Trying to figure out what she could talk about turned into a discussion of this gospel and all the things we just don't fully comprehend yet. Like how God works. How is it possible for Him to hear everyone's prayers? And answer them? Is it really like in Bruce Almighty where he gets e-mails and can answer them super fast? 

    I mean time isn't a thing for God but that leaves me more confused. Like is my age and where I am right now in my life not a factor for Him? Is everything happening instantaneously? If so, how on earth does that work? 

    See what I mean? So many questions. I just can't wait to die and be able to receive answers to all these questions and more. (I'm in no rush to die obviously, I'm just excited to know everything and anything I want to know. I'm a curious child.)
    Then we got thinking about how the gospel is the only reason we are who we are and we are where we are. We were trying to figure out where we would be without the gospel. And honestly I have no idea. All I know is that I know I would not be as happy as I am now, and I'd be so lost. 

    Then we were thinking about why me? Why was I blessed to be born into the gospel? And why was I not only blessed to be born in the gospel but blessed with the gift of just knowing. I've always really known that this is the true gospel. I've never had one moment when I all of a sudden knew, I've just always known. One thing I think is maybe because I couldn't handle life without it. It's my rock. It's my one constant thing in my ever-changing world. That's a very humbling way to think of it. 

    I don't know a lot of things for sure. Actually most things I don't know for sure. But the few things I do know for absolute certain are-

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on this earth. 
    Christ is my Savior and I am forever grateful for His infinite Atonement. 
    He knows me, loves me, heals me, holds me, and saves me- everyday. 
    My Heavenly Father knows me, loves me, listenings to me, and answers my prayers- everyday. 
    Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet of God and 
    he receives direct revelation from God to help guide me and protect me. 
    Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God as well. He really did translate the Book of Mormon. 
    The Book of Mormon is the true word of God, another testament of Jesus Christ. 
    The sole reason I am as happy as I am is because I know all this. 
    It sounds all too good to be true. 
    But it is true. I know it is. 

    If you are confused by anything you just read or just want to know more, ask me any questions. 
    I want you to be as happy as I am. :) 

    Friday, November 4, 2011

    Woahhh slow down!

    Time is flying by! 
    It's kinda nice but also kinda crazy!
    I had a moment today where I was a good student and decided to plan out my studying schedule for 
    finals. (I did not come up with this on my own. My freshmen mentor gave me this idea.) 

    After planning on what I would study each week until finals I realized how quickly they are coming up.
    Meaning how quickly Thanksgiving is coming, Christmas, and a new semester. 
    I guess it's good. 
    I get to see my parents really soon,
    my friends, 
    and I get to move on to more exciting classes. 
    But still..I don't want to look back on my college years and say, 
    as my good friend Alex would say, 
    "It all happened to fast!"

    Which is bound to happen no matter what I do. 

    Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    Proud Sister

    Here I am eating some Halloween candy waiting for my laundry to be done and all I can think about is how proud I am of my sister. 

    She has decided to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
    I always thought that if anyone was to go on a mission in the family it'd be me. 
    Sara had never wanted to. It was never part of her plan.
    (Which is fine, women aren't required to serve a mission like the men are.)
    But she had the thought come into her head and couldn't fight it anymore.
    It just was right.

    I was the first person she told. 
    Of all the important people in her life she choose me to tell first.
    Probably because she had the opportunity to and it just happened..
    but still, she told me first.

    For those who don't really know my relationship with my sister let me explain:
    We were never the best friend kind of sisters.
    We didn't fight all the time we just were so different we never really were best friends.
    Of course we had our fair share of fighting but as we got older we saw more of our similarities instead of our differences and we have grown pretty close.
    We try to go to lunch once a week, mostly cause I pay with my meal plan, but also I think it's nice to catch up.

    I love my sister. She is such a great example to me and I'm so proud of her and all she is accomplishing. 
    I cannot wait to find out where she is serving. 
    I'm hoping somewhere cool, like Europe or something, so I can go pick her up in a cool place. :)

    Also another little thing I thought of is now all the attention is going to be back on Sara. 
    Which I am ok with. haha
    Sara had all the attention basically from her senior year until her junior year of college.
    With graduating, starting college, London, etc.
    Then I had it with my Senior year stuff, my knee, teeth, starting college, etc.
    Now it's back to Sara. 
    I guess I have to think of something exciting to happen in my life for when she gets back so we can keep this trading of attention going. Any ideas?

    Thursday, October 27, 2011

    What a good week.

    And it isn't even over yet.
    Here are a few things that happened to me this week-

    • I went on a run, and trying to push myself I tried to set a fast pace. I was on my way back after gaining quite a lot of speed and I was passing the boys dorms (so downhill) and I was behind the cannon and as I was passing a boy (a pretty cute boy may I add) I tripped. I tripped and fell flat on my face. Seriously so embarrassing. The guy was like "Oh my gosh! Are you ok???" and I quickly got up and was like "yea I'm fine!" and he was like "are you sure!?" (obviously trying so hard not to laugh) and I was like "yea thanks!" and ran away. Limping. I was limping. Pain. Knee skinned (I guess this wasn't go great but I got a good laugh out of it. I hope you do too.)
    • I got my teeth! Refer to earlier blogs for full explanation about that. But they look so good and I am so happy.
    • I graduated from physical therapy! They think I'm pretty much good to do anything. So here you go people. Technically my Doc said not to play lacrosse or any competitive sports until May but..I've been cutting and running hard and everything had been fine. I'm gonna take it easy no worries but I'm just ready to be active again. I think I'm going to try to hike the Y. I'll let you know how that goes. It's not as easy as you may think.
    • I got to pick my classes. So far things aren't working out exactly according to plan but when does anything ever go according to plan? Oh yea. Never. So I'm accepting that this is part of the plan. (A little trippy huh?) Things will work out. They always do. 
    • It's Halloween weekend! I was going to go up to Idaho to see Shaunessy but something came up so I can't. I'm pretty bummed about that but I'm sure fun things will be happening this weekend down here in P-town. I just need a good costume idea. Any suggestions? 
    Anyways. That's been my exciting week. I guess not too exciting but I'm excited. have I said excited enough? I think so. Anyways..Keep it real my loyal bloggers. 

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    The Deed is FINALLY done!

    The day we have all been waiting for. 
    I got my permanent teeth. 
    It hasn't even sunken in yet.
    I'm so used to going back in a couple weeks to get different ones.
    But not this time!
    This babies are staying in! 

    If you are confused by what is going on please read this post>>
    It will explain everything. 

    Here are some pictures of my lovely, expensive (thanks mom and dad), and OH SO WORTH IT teeth. :)

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    My New Favorite.

    One of my new favorite things to do is to wander around campus on Sunday. 
    No one is there. It's quiet, and beautiful. 
    Especially now with the nice weather. 
    It's beautiful. 
    I love to sit and watch people walk by on their way to church, and just take in the sun. 
    I like to find a nice place in the sun to sit and call home.
    After that I just love to sit and take it all in.
    I'm trying to enjoy this weather before the long, cold, snowy winter comes. 

    Also side note- my backround on my computer changes everyday and recently it's been pictures from basketball season. It makes me miss it a lot. But it's also great to be reminded of the good times with those boys. And Emily of course. :)

    Anyways. Maybe you should try walking on campus on a Sunday sometime. I might even let you sit and watch with me. Might being the key word. :)

    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    Things I love..

    In the spirit of my incredibly happy mood that has now spilled over into today I want to make another list of things I love. :)

    • My recent new favorite snack- a PB Jamwich.
    • Waffle Crisps. Best cereal ever.

    • My Weekly Routine. Finally I have some order to my life.
    • The Utah Mountains (especially now with the changing leaves.)
    • BYU (pretty much everything about it but here are some specific things-
      • The Clock Tower Hymns. They always seem to be perfect to the moment. 
      • Praying before every class starts (At first this was weird. But now I love it.)
      • Well-dressed boys. Of course there are some that need some help (plaid on plaid disease is rampant here.) But there are a lot of very well-dressed men.
      • Politeness. Doors are held, smiles are given, compliments from random people are received. etc.
      • Family. My sister is here I've never been so close to my extended family. It's wonderful.

    • Rain. I love when I get to put on my raincoat and rain-boots and go jump in puddles.
    • Twitter. I love reading friends tweets, tweeting things on my mind, and getting celebrity updates. Like Hilary Duff is having a baby boy!
    • Sweater and Scarf weather. It is currently the perfect temperature for a cardigan and scarf. Perfect.

    • Running.
      • a) that I can run.
      • b) that it's perfect weather right now.
      • c) alone time to think and clear my head of all my stressful plans. Nothing else seems to get the job done the same
    • My lax bro shorts. So comfortable. Best DI purchase. Only 3 bucks!

    • School Supplies. I love markers, crayons, pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, chalk, any and everything Crayola makes, etc.
    • My new BYU friends. So much fun is had. We may not get the men, we may not go to crazy parties every weekend, but one thing is for sure, we know how to have a good time.

    Don't be deceived by the boy in the picture.
    We don't go on dates.
    Besides Alex.

    • My Herndon Friends. Of course I still love them. And I miss them everyday. I cannot wait for Christmas.
    • My Family. DUH. I love their support and just how well they know me. Most the time I think they know me better then I know myself.
    • My Gospel. I love that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love my God. I love my Savior. I know that this is the only true church and that is the thing that keeps me so grounded. Without it I'm pretty sure I would be going nowhere good, fast. It is the thing that brings me pure joy. It's the reason I'm so happy. I am so blessed. God is so good. So very good. 

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Oh So Happy!

    Today I am extremely happy. 
    Like ridiculously happy.
     And for no specific reason am I happy. 
    I just am. 

    It may be because of these things that happened today:

    I accidentally slept through physical therapy..(that wasn't so good).
    I sat outside and enjoyed the weather.
    I had an amazing Book of Mormon class.
    I went for a run.
    I got passed while running cause my knee makes me slow but instead of being discouraged I giggled.
    I ran to the Temple.
    I stopped and sat in front of the Temple for a while just trying to take in the beauty of it all.
    The mountains are changing colors, the sky was bright blue, the grass was super green.
    The temperature was just perfect.
    As I finally started to run back to my dorm I passed a old man on a bike and he gave me a big hearty smile.
    Had a nice chat with Emily (nothing has changed since high school.)
    I had dinner with some fun people.
    I'm pretty funny on twitter.. (at least I think so)
    And now I'm blogging. Which makes me even happier.

    Overall it was just a good day. 
    No particular reason, just cause I'm happy.
    And cause God is oh, so good to me.

    Sunday, October 16, 2011


    This is weird timing and kind of a repeat of stuff I've already posted but I'm in a blogging mood and this has been on my mind recently.

    I miss high school. I never thought I'd say that. But I do. Here are the top things that I miss in no particular order:
    • I miss math class with Brandon. Constantly messing with each other, embarrassing each other (or mostly Brandon embarrassing me..), and just talking about any and everything. I absolutely hate math but Brandon made it bearable, and even made me look forward to it.

    • I miss playing a sport. Yes literally playing a sport but also just having a team. I miss going to practice and complaining about Pierce together, making warm-ups go as long as possible, pushing each other, being sassy with Coach Baggetta, going to eat after games and practices, and just having a second family. I miss sitting on the bench with Victoria and Zoe thinking of stupid cheers to try and get some enjoyment out of our overall horrible hockey experience. I miss being super competitive with Chloe and being determined to do more push-ups, getting faster times, lifting heavier weights, etc. Which never really happened..she beat me a lot..

    • I miss having my parking spot. Weird thing to miss but every morning pulling into my spot painted perfectly how I wanted it and in the prime parking spot was so satisfying. I miss going out after school and just hanging around with everyone before practice. And all the shenanigans involved in that.

    • I miss being a senior and doing whatever I wanted. Senior class president had it's perks.
    • I miss my basketball boys. The whole program for that matter. I am eternally grateful to Emily for picking me to do it with her. Can't wait to go home and just walk into that locker room like nothing has changed. 

    • I miss driving Taty and Lauren to seminary. Miss those girls. I miss Taty's ridiculousness and Lauren and I's shared giggles about Taty's ridiculousness. I miss going to bagel every other morning, rushing to go to Bagel, Robecks, and stopping at Giant. Such eventful mornings.

    • I miss planning fun things every weekend. I have no car, no house, no money. So it's really difficult to plan exciting things. It's possible but more difficult. 
    • I miss my car and having my whole life in it. My hockey and lacrosse stick, balls rolling around in the truck, extra clothes, books, food, friends trash...I just want my car back.
    • I miss geospatial with Shaunessy. Looking at wedding blogs, doing all the work, giggling uncontrollably, and just seeing Shaunessy everyday. 

    • I miss choir. Even though I'm pretty sure everyone hated me because I wasn't 100% choir and wasn't the happiest at 6:15am..I loved it. I loved hanging with Griffin and Gracie. We stuck together. They got me through Show choir. (I'm the best dancer..but they made it fun.) 

    • I miss Virginia in general. Especially right now. I am really sad to be missing the trees changing and our backyard "curtain" opening. I miss getting excited about the 20% chance of snow and constantly refreshing to make sure school was canceled. 

    There are probably a lot more things I'll think of later that I miss but as for now, there is my list.
    It's hard to think that these things will never happen again. I'll never drive to Herndon High School the same way. It's just now hitting me. Really delayed reaction I guess. Anyways. High school is over and I'm sad that it is.