Sunday, October 4, 2015


This weekend was a big one for the LDS church. It was the semi-annual General Conference. Twice a year the church broadcasts a two-day event where we get to hear from our church leaders. We are privileged to hear from the 12 apostles (including 3 new apostles called) and our beloved Prophet, along with other leaders of the church. It's a time where we can re-evaluate our lives and find specific ways to improve. It seems that Conference always happens at the exact right time for me. We are urged to come with questions ready to be answered as we listen to the Lord's servants. This Conference I took that seriously and had a couple specific questions and concerns in my mind as I watched Conference. As my biggest concerns and questions seemed to be answered by the first talk given, my excitement and anticipation grew for what else the Lord would have me know.

I received personal revelation specific to me which has strengthened my testimony of this gospel. I love that we are encouraged to ask questions and seek to find answers. In the past I have felt weak because of the questions I've had about the gospel. As I have embraced those questions and found answers I have come to realize that having questions about the gospel is not only OK, but a good thing. The whole reason this gospel was restored to the earth is because a 14 year old boy had questions. He didn't suppress those questions or feel embarrassed by them. He took them seriously and found answers. I'm grateful for the example of Joseph Smith to address your questions and seek to find answers. It's when the questions go unanswered and turn into doubts that the problems arise. As our Prophet Thomas S. Monson  said this conference, "Remember that faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other."

I have a testimony of the simplicity of the gospel. If we only keep the commandments and covenants we will be blessed. Our Heavenly Father loves us and seeks to bless us, we only need to live the gospel to the best of our abilities and by the grace of Him who redeemed us we will be made perfect. All God asks is that we give our best effort and His son, even Jesus Christ, will make up the rest. I love the hope and peace that that simple gospel truth brings to me.

If you have questions go to to find answers.