Friday, September 18, 2015

Things heard in my PE classes...

I am loving my job. I mean really, really loving it. Some days are crazy and classes are tough but at the end of the day I always leave with a smile on my face because my kids are just the cutest. (No matter how difficult they make teaching a great lesson.) I've heard and said some pretty funny things so I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my day to day by sharing quotes from my students and I. Enjoy!

"I can't run because my ____ hurts."
"My tooth is wiggly!"
"Hi Coach!!"
"Can you tie my shoe?" 
"_____ pinched my bum."
"_____ butt me in line."
"This is a great exercise!"
"This is so fun!" 
"I'm bored."
"Please tell me we aren't running today!" 

"Oh your ____ hurts? Get a drink of water then get back in!"
"Do the best that you can."
"Keep your hands to yourself."
"Put your shirt on."
"Put a bubble in your mouth!"
"Stop burping."
"Stop making farting noises."
"Of course we are running! This is PE!"
"We don't run into the wall we just run to the wall."
"Show me what good listeners you can be!"
"You guys are working so hard, I love it!"
"I love my job."