Wednesday, January 26, 2011


holy moley so much has happened. i'm so bad at this blogging thing. couple things to touch on-
1. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! :) 18 years old. it's crazy..i feel like 2 days ago i was only 12. man how the time flies. coincidentally it's a snow day as well! haha so i'm going to breakfast with some of my good friends. along with it being my birthday, i got a MACBOOK! i'm so so so happy. i can't get off of it. it's just so beautiful. i'm a little sad that there is no school cause then i don't get to see a lot of people but its good cause now i get to play with my mac.  :)

2. the best decision i ever made in high school was to become the BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM MANAGER. it is the best job in the world. i love all the boys and they are soo great. they are doing soo well too! They are 5-0 in the district, 2nd in the region, and 1st in the district. they just had a big win over Chantilly who used to be 1st in the district until we beat them. :) my good friend and neighbor  Raleigh McKenzie made the winning shot. check out the video-
and the article in the WASHINGTON POST-

so excited. best game i think i've ever seen. love those boys. i love seeing them in the hallway and anywhere else, they make my day. they post status's about me and my co-manager emily all the time expressing their love. they are like the celebs of the school too so it makes me pretty dang cool too. haha oh man i could go on and on about how much i love them. lucky for you, i wont. :)

guess i didn't have that much to catch up on..haha thought i did. guess thats all. haha :)