Friday, July 29, 2011


PHONE UPDATE: The Police called me the other day and told me they know who the guy is that stole my phone and are going to charge him. BAM. Justice is served. :)

SCHOOL UPDATE: Still is frustrating. Still figuring out this Executive Functioning Disorder. Making progress..slowly but surely.

RANDOM UPDATE: I am ready to be home. I have been video chatting with friends from back home (using the new and wonderful Google+) and every time I do it makes me more homesick. So maybe I should stop. But it's not a bad homesick it's just a "ready to be home" homesick. So the countdown begins-13 days until I am back in wonderful, green, humid, familiar, diverse Virginia. (A.K.A HOME.)
I cannot wait.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stolen Phone

So. My second encounter with the cops while in college. (Don't worry about the first one..)

My phone was stolen. I went to a dance at the Cannon Center (where I eat, they have a big dance room thing..) and I put my phone in a cubby with 3 other friends. At the end of the dance I came back to the cubby and it was gone. Everyone else's phone was there but mine. We called it and it was turned off. There was no way it lost battery. We had the DJ make an announcement and I checked the front desk twice. I called it and left a message saying something like, "Hey this is Annie Turner and this is my phone, if you took it on accident return it soon. (now a slightly sterner tone...) And if you stole it, I will find you and I will get it back. So it's in your best interest to turn it in." It never turned up that night.

Then the next day I checked the usage and whoever had it used the internet at 12am, 2:30am, 3am, and 4am. So I knew it was stolen. I called the cops and told them my situation and they told me they have security cameras in the Cannon Center directly facing the cubbies. (yesss) So the had me come in and watch the tapes to see if we could see someone take it. And sure enough we did. A guy came in and opened the cubby above mine while looking directly in mine the whole time and then reached in, took my phone, put it in his pocket, and walked away. I was shocked. Me and my roommate couldn't believe that just happened. So they said they would try to get an ID and then press charges.

So that same day my sister text my phone and said something like, "Whoever is reading this and has my sister phone, you should know that she has contacted the BYU police and is going to contact Apple to use the GPS ont the phone so it's be in your best interest to return it." So we think he got scared because he called my friend Alex that night and said, "Hey so I seemed to have misplaced this phone and so I'm going to give it to the lost and found tomorrow." So we freaked out. I wanted to call him back and give him a piece of my mind and get his name and information and say, (in a very stern, sassy voice) "No, you did not misplace this phone.  I watched you take it shamelessly from my cubby. Do not try to lie to me and say you misplaced it." But the girls in my hall talked me into a more passive approach. Although my roommate did send him a text saying, "You're lucky Annie is a forgiving person and you're getting off didn't 'misplace' this phone, unless you consider pocketing someones phone 'misplacing it' we saw you on tape. So at least get off with a shred of dignity and be honest. She deserves at least that. So thanks for returning it. If you don't we have your face anyway so might as well be soon. " Love my sassy roommate Makenzie. Then he said, "Sorry it was a mistake. It'll be returned tomorrow." and she responded, "We look forward to it." haha how great.

Anyways. He did return the phone with nothing wrong (so far). He erased the Internet history so we can't see what he used the internet for. All is well and the police are still trying to ID him as far as I know.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Any Ugly Criers Out There? (...shamefully raising my hand...)

Today. Today was a good day. Like a really good day. I cried. And usually for me that means it was a release of stress, worry, or anxiety. I don't cry often from sadness or being upset like normal people.

I talked about in my last blog how I was struggling with test scores and being successful in my classes even with my Learning Disability and today I actually did something about it. I went to talk to my Book of Mormon teacher (who is simply the greatest by the way. I adore him.) anyways...I knew that he would be completely understanding and helpful it was just getting up the courage to talk to him I guess? I don't really know. Well I finally just did it. I went up and talked to him. I told him how I was disappointed with my last test grade and how it doesn't show how much I have learned and how much I studied and then he asked if I had had an issue with test taking before. That's when I took a breath and did my best to explain my Executive Functioning Disorder. Just as I had anticipated he was so understanding and helpful. He told me to go to the Disability Office on campus and tell them about everything and they can give me a paper that I can give to my teachers so they can work with me on it. He said he could give me a take home test, the same as everyone else's but just for me to take home to be able to take my time on and do bits and pieces at a time. How perfect. I was just holding back tears.
Then he said the part that made me burst into tears. (So embarrassing..) But he could obviously tell I was holding back tears because when I cry I get really red and just get a really really ugly face. (hence the embarrassing-ness of it..see picture>>>)
ANYWAYS. He told me not to be embarrassed, or feel sorry about it because it's just who I am and how I learn and there is nothing to apologize for. Then through my tears I said sorry. haha After he had just told me not to but I was apologizing for crying and being a mess.  It was just everything I had been needing to hear and I just was so relieved to have that of my chest and just know what to do to resolve it. *sigh* What a good day.

Oh! And as a bonus I had lunch with my sister today. I told my mom I was glad we were friends now. We hadn't always been. But now we are and I am loving it. Every time I see her I feel we get so much more close and just better friends. She gives the best advice and is just the best big sister ever. Love her.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Frustrations of College...

Ok. Prepare yourself for a semi-depressing and angsty blog post tonight. I'm not having the best week...

My first ever college test i study pretty hard. I studied with me friend who happens to be really good. It was a Nutrition test which I knew would be hard and I'm not a good test taker to begin with but I had pretty high hopes I would at least get a B. No. Wrong. I did not do very well. I will not state what I got for it is embarrassing but you can pretty much guess it was not a B. I left a little discouraged but not too much so considering it was the first test, and Nutrition is hard, etc.
Then came my nest test. My Book of Mormon Mid-Term. I was very confident that I would do well. I was expecting a high B or A. I love that class and take notes and write in my scriptures so I was confident I would do well. I studied with a group (which studies show is the best thing to do) studied a little on my own, read all the reading, knew everything on the study guide and like I said was VERY confident I would do well. NO. WRONG AGAIN. I got a 76. 76!!! Book of Mormon was supposed to be my saving grace and the one class I would do well on tests with but no. The test was hard and most of what was on it wasn't even on the study guide! And others who went to the same study group and did the same amount of stuff as me got A's! I am so discouraged. I almost feel like if I hadn't studied nothing would change. Which isn't true but still. Gahhhh...
I knew college would be hard but I was anticipating this summer to be easier then it is. I am feeling like I'm just beginning this looonnggg, frustrating, journey through college that is only going to get worse. I'm hoping that is not true but look where my hope got me last time..2 disappointing and highly discouraging tests.

Ok, ok sorry for the depressing-ness but this is my blog and I do what I want.

Ending on a bright side:
I have an Executive Functioning Disorder, (if you don't know what that is click here it is pretty much spot on except for the planning part, I'm a really good planner...when I decide to plan...) and so that is a big reason, I think, why I struggle with tests. So I've decided to go the the counseling center here on campus to see if they have any guidance for me. I am also going to ask my Book of Mormon teacher if I can see my test and just let him know that I really do know the material but I just doesn't translate in a test.

And I'm doing really well in Writing mostly because there are no tests. :) But my first paper, my Op-Ed, I got a 91%. So BAM. I'm not stupid, just have different strengths and weaknesses then others, DUH.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed I'm really open and honest on these blog posts. So don't judge, I'm trusting whoever  reads this to be nice about whatever I post. Don't abuse that trust. haha

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Families are like fudge..."

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts" -Unknown

Today in church we had a lesson on Families. It just made me think of my own family and how much I love them and miss them. So I thought I'd dedicate this post to them and share a little bit of why I love them :)

Sara is funny. She is strong. She is caring. And she is beautiful. 
Our whole lives we have been opposites. She was a cheerleader (which for a long time I deemed not a sport but after seeing how hard she worked to get the routine down and have everything perfect for each competition I came to my senses and now consider COMPETITION cheering a sport) and I was into soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. 
I was/am more of the extrovert go, go, do, do kind of girl and she was/is the more keep it cool and collected at all times kind of girl. Which I always admired. I was also stressing about something and she was always the one to  put me back in my place and say, "Annie, it's really not a big deal. It doesn't matter as much as you think it does." 
She has been the girl I looked up to for everything and still look up to for everything. And even though I say we have nothing in common it's not true. As we have grown up and lived apart from each other I've realized how much of her is a part of me. I catch myself saying things that she would say or doing things how she would do it. At first, I'll admit, it freaked me out but now I embrace it and am proud of the parts of me that are similar to her. She paved the way for me and was always there when I needed some common sense. 
Love you Sara.

Oh Mother, where do I begin? I am more like my mom then I had ever imagined I'd be. We have the same excitement for planning things and doing things that it is sometimes a little overwhelming. For a while I'll admit I was freaked out by the thought of becoming my mother (no offense mom...there is a but coming..) BUT I came to realize that all the traits I've taken from her are the best traits I could ever hope to have. 
My mother is the one to go, go, do, do all the time which is exactly how I am. We can not sit still for more then 20 minutes it feels like. It is so easy for our imaginations and wild ideas to get out of hand but luckily we have Sara and Dad to bring us back to reality. 
My mom is incredibly strong. I get my determination to be happy from her. When she had to go through maybe the hardest trial in her life so far she was unbelievably strong when it would have been so easy to not be. She didn't let cancer slow her down. She fought it and did not let it take her from her family and those she loved. 
Whenever I was going through something hard I would always know there would be a letter coming soon with some encouragement to help me through it. She taught me to be happy during times of trial and just all the time for that matter.Which has become the motto for my life. She has this quote on her desk that describes perfectly how she sees her life, "It'll all be alright in the end, if it's not alright, it's not the end." 
Love you Mom. 

My dad is simply the best. He is such a sweetheart. He knows just what I need when I need it. He is my go to guy for any type of advise. Even though it usually ends with me still without a decision and him exhausted from all my questions it is so helpful, more then he probably knows. I can remember me going into his office saying, "Dad..." in a distraught voice and him dropping whatever he was doing and just listening to me and adding his two cents. 
He is stubborn and does things his own way. Which I think I inherited that trait. He is always saying how when I'm told one thing, I do the other. Which is embarrassingly true. But I argue that he does the same thing, and I only do it because I learned it from him. (The line in here, dad.) 
Me and Sara know to go to dad when we want something. While our mom would say "choose one" our dad would quickly say, "why choose when you like them both? Let's get both!" He has a definite soft spot for his girls. He never misses an opportunity to buy some beautiful flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, surgeries, or even just because. 
I can only hope that I marry someone as good as my father. Because if I do I will never have to worry about anything because I can trust that he will have my best interest at heart. 
Love you Dad.

And of course Nikki:
How could I forget Nikki. When I was little all I ever wanted was a dog. One year for Christmas all I asked for was a dog. Nikki is the best dog ever. Even though he never was any good at fetch he is the best snuggle-er on the planet. He feel so comfortable with any and everyone that he doesn't hesitate to make himself comfortable, even if it means moving you out of the way. He is the best cleaner-up-er ever. He rushes over at the sound of any food dropped, or he simply waits patiently with his tail wagging for you to "accidentally" drop some food for him to gobble up. I miss his kisses and excitement every time I walk in the door, even if I was only gone for 30 seconds. 

I love my family. We have our nuts for sure, no doubt about that. But like that quote says, 

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here is my quick To-Do list for my life as I've felt most recent-

     1. Go to Africa. I've always wanted to go for some unknown reason. Maybe because little black children are just so gosh darn cute or the music is so appealing, I don't know what it is but Africa is the 1st place on my list to go visit. And not like South Africa but like a small village in Africa where I can learn their tribal language, dances, and customs. Just thinking about it makes me so excited. I've even YouTubed Twi (a language in spoken in Ghana) because it's so interesting to me. I have tons of sticky notes on my desk that tell me the basics to the language.

    2. Play Lacrosse. Yes of course I'm going to play lacrosse again in my life but I don't believe that I was done playing organized Lacrosse for a school when my ACL decided I was done. I am hoping and praying that I can be able to play Lacrosse here at BYU. I saw some of the team today in the Cannon Center there with their sport camps and I'm pretty sure I was breathless for a good 10 seconds. I looked up to them like a little kid does to people they admire. I kept thinking about how I should have gone up to talkt to them but I was so awe-struck that I couldn't do it. So. Hopefully sooner then going to Africa I want to play lacrosse again.

    3. Go for a run. Ok same as lacrosse. Of course I'll run again but it has been FOREVER since I ran for real and I'm dying. Not that I used to run like everyday or that I was a big runner but I enjoyed the occasional run. And I have the best running shoes in the world (according to me..)  Whenever I see someone running I just want to grab their face like Adam Sandler did in Billy Madison and say, "Cherish it! Cherish it!" But that might be a little weird to do don't you think?


    Well college life is pretty great. As I've said many times. I am having a really good time. I'm loving the girls in my hall...we haven't taken a picture together yet but when we do I will be sure to post it up here.

    Me and my roommate are getting along very well. We are having fun together. We put our bed together last night and watched Anne of Green Gables. Twas fun.

    I had my first Gospel Doctrine Lesson last week and I think it went well! My class is full of boys. Like of the 30 people in my class 5 of them are girls. Hopefully they become more comfortable and participate more..haha

    Well...nothing else is really going on..I really just wrote this one so satisfy my family who can't get enough of me.. Satisfied fam?? :)

    Sunday, July 3, 2011


    Here is what I wrote for my OP-ED.

    “The Best Musical of the Century”
    A recent review in The New York Times called the Tony Award-winning musical The Book of Mormon “The best musical of the century.” While this new Broadway play won nine of the coveted Tony Awards this month, it also has directed more attention on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, prompting the church to issue a simple statement that said “The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people's lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ,” which I initially believed was inadequate.
    At first glance, I thought the church’s mild statement should have been more forceful, perhaps even going as far as condemning the production for making a mockery of church doctrine, our missionary program, and many other things we hold sacred. However, after closer review, I realized that the official church response said exactly what needed to be said, and that the church public affairs office is handling this issue perfectly.
    This musical is a story of two Mormon missionaries who are serving in an African tribe where there is poverty, a warlord threatening the community, and a widespread AIDS epidemic. In all the songs it has doctrine of the church spun to make it humorous. Many reviews have said it was the funniest musical they have ever seen. While maybe being the funniest it was also said to be the most vulgar play ever made. The New York Times reported, “…Content advisory warnings will be printed on tickets for the show” in regard to the extensive use of vulgar language and crude humor. With that in mind, this seems quite ironic to me, seeing how the topic of the musical is Mormonism and Mormons are advised not to use foul language.
    The writers of the play, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, claim to mean no harm to the church, in an interview with CBS News they said this, “We didn’t sit down and say, ‘Alright let’s bash Mormons, how should we do it?’ We really wanted to make a very traditional musical.” Some argue there is much harm done even without the intention of harm.
    Some, Mormons and non-Mormons, argue it has made a laughing stock of the church and some people’s only exposure to the church is through this musical which makes fun of it. One non-Mormon for the Washington Post wrote a very bold article expressing his thoughts about the play. He said, “The parts of the Book of Mormon I have seen are as innovative as a Newsies revival and as funny as the cruel, tasteless jokes told by an inebriated coworker at a Christmas party. The difference is that the coworker might sober up in the morning, but the mindless mockery that also gave us South Park will continue.” He then goes on to express his support to the LDS church by saying he “stands in solidarity with his Mormon neighbors.”
    On the other side, everyone has heard the old saying that, “Any publicity is good publicity.” And that could be true in this case. Those who see the play may become curious of what the church is actually about and go to find more information through the church websites, it’s members, or it’s missionaries. There are many ways to find the true facts. There are websites such as, which contain videos of normal, everyday people who are Mormon, which help expel all the stereotypes of being Mormon that are commonly misconceived by the public.
    Some might argue that if there was a musical made about any other religion, say the Muslims or the Jews, then there would be such a huge uproar about how socially unacceptable it is. But the LDS church seems to just roll with the punches and keep moving forward without causing a big scene. Some reviews have called this a right of passage. Another writer for the Washington Post wrote, “Note to Mormons: welcome to the American mainstream. Now, in order to join this fraternity, you need to go through the hazing.” I guess one play on New York City is all it took to make us mainstream.
    At first I wanted the church to take a firmer stand on this play. But then as I thought more about it I found more and more reasons why maybe it was a good thing the church didn’t. With the church not making a bolder statement it may help this musical pass by without a big uproar causing a big issue with the church. I guess the heads of the church know that nothing can hinder the progression and achievements of the church. This little musical may be big and popular right now but time passes and fads fade. But the church and its progress will not fade; rather it will continue to grow and increase.
    What would a bold statement do anyway? I can’t see it making the musical stop running, the makers writing an apology, or any more sympathy coming to the church. It would only cause a big hoopla over something that in the long run will be a minimal hiccup in the church’s progress. When the Proposition 8 was big it was big for a couple weeks but then it passed by, much like this play will in due time. Yes, the church gave a slightly bolder statement for Prop. 8 but even with that, nothing big really came out of it other then a huge mess for the church.
    In my eyes the church is taking the higher road by not taking a firm stand on this play. Who really knows what would come of a bold statement. The more passive stand the church is taking is a safe way to not give this musical more publicity but also giving the church some good publicity along the way. In the end it’s like the church said, “The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people's lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.”