Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Book Of Mormon Musical

I am writing an OP-ED for my Writing class about the Book of Mormon Musical. The Musical is basically a mockery of all that me and my church believes. The songs turn things we as a church hold sacred into things worth laughing about. The play has won many Tony awards and the rave reviews keep on coming. But on writer for the Washington Post boldly wrote a brave response to the musical check it out-

I'm having a hard time deciding where I stand on this one. Part of me thinks that the play is just a cruel mockery of all that I stand for. The writers made a very vulgar and crude comedy of all that I hold scared. In a way it validates all the stereotypes of the LDS church. And I can't help but think that if there was a play made about any other religion, say the Muslims of the Jewish religions, so many people would be up in arms about how morally unacceptable it was. And since the church took a more quite and less bold stand on it it makes the play seem like Mormons have no problem with the play. And personally, I'm a little offended.

But the other part of me thinks that maybe it was a good idea to not make a very bold statement as to not let this be a huge deal and cause a ruckus. We all saw how the churches stand on Prop. 8 went over. It is true that something as simple as a play will not hinder the church it all it's accomplishments. And maybe any publicity is good publicity. Maybe people will become more curious about the church and go to the true source for information.

I don't know. It's an interesting thing this play. I'm not going to go see it I know that for sure. I'll post my OP-ED up after I'm done with it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

These make me happy..


THERE WAS A THUNDERSTORM TODAY IN PROVO. I am so happy. I feel at home.
This blog will probably be somewhat spiritual so sorry to all you who may not find this as exciting as me..

So. I don't know where to begin. I'm just happy. Really happy. I don't know how long this will last but I hope for a long long time. I have made some really good friends with the girls in my hall and I am loving getting to know them and doing fun things with them. We are our own little family. I am starting to feel like RM 1109 in Hinckley hall is my home. (At least for the Summer..) :) And I'm not caring about me not going on dates like a lot of other girls. In due time. I'm in no rush. Seriously.

I was in Book of Mormon (my religion class) and I was just loving everything he was saying. We read 2 Nephi Chapter 4 and I got a whole new outlook on the Atonement and this gospel. In a good way. Verses 15-35 are my new favorite in the whole Book of Mormon. We see Nephi in a whole new way. He shares with us his struggles, he becomes more of a human. He tells us how he struggles with sin and is tempted in every direction all the time. Just like me. Just like all of us. But then in verse 19 he turns it around to say NEVERTHELESS "I know in whom I have trusted." (talking about God)

Then he goes on to list all this blessings, all the wonderful things God has done for him despite all his shortcomings and mistakes. Then he asks all these questions like "Why should my heart weep and my soul linger in...sorrow?" He is saying how can I feel all this sadness when I have so many blessings? He is realizing that he shouldn't feel that way, he is so blessed in so many ways that there is no need to feel that way.

Then he has a new determination to press on and be the best he can be. He says "Awake, my soul! No longer droop in sin!" He recommits to live the way the Lord would have him. He pleads for forgiveness for his sins and then bears testimony of what he knows as a why to show his confidence in God.

This is so applicable to me! And to everyone! There have been so many times in my life when i think, "Wo is me, my life is so hard..blah blah blah." I can't think that. I need to realize how greatly I've been blessed and press on in faith knowing that God is good. Which He is. God is so good. He has blessed me in so many ways it is too much to handle.

Then in 2 Nephi 5:27 is says, "And it came to pass that we lived after a manner of happiness." HAPPINESS. That is what I am striving to do! Live my life after the manner of happiness. How beautiful.

Then we talked about the Atonement and how infinitely amazing it is. Our teacher Bro. Griffin (love him so much.) defined these 3 words so simply and perfectly:
We are saved by Christ's:
Merits- His Perfect Life
Mercy- to NOT get what one deserves
Grace- to get what one DOESN'T deserve

Christ lived a perfect life so that we could be saved. We are not getting what we deserve in the sense that we deserve to pay for our sins, right? Justice. But Christ already did that for us. He made it so we don't have to. Then if that wasn't enough we get mansions on high. We don't deserve that. We don't deserve anything that grand or anymore blessings. Paying for our sins was enough. Christ saves us by His merits, His mercy, and His grace. We can't waste His grace.

That was really Mormonie for all you non-Mormons. haha Sorry! You may want to kind of expect that sometimes from me though. I'm a hardcore Mormon, what can I say. :)

Anyways so after all that wonderful religious stuff I walk outside and it's the time right before a storm when the wind is blowing and it's sprinkling and it is that wonderful smell of rain? Yea. I love that. I was so happy I could not hold back my grin on my face. I'm sure all the little camp kids were like "Look at that weird girl! hahaha" But I don't care. I'm not very good at hiding my happiness. That's why the first thing I did when I got back to my dorm was scream and tell MaKenzie, my roommate, how happy I was and write this blog. haha

God is so good. Too good.

Monday, June 27, 2011

This Gave me Chills...

I just love this. Please watch it. :)

enjoy. :)

A Tad Homesick..

So it's been a full week and a couple days and I'm not dying from homesickness but I do miss a lot of my friends and my family. And my dog...Nikki. But all is well here and I'm loving all the girls in my dorm.
We have been going through everyones Facebook pictures and everyone explains their life. haha Everyone tells about their friends, family, and anything else. It's been fun to see where everyone comes from. I feel like we are all best friends already. It's only been a week and they know more about me then some of my friends I've been friends with for years know. I guess a fresh look at some one teaches you more about a person then the same view for years. It's fun and interesting.

College Life Lately:
Lots of the girls in my hall went to an outdoor play! We saw Singing in the Rain. It was really fun. We then came home and had a mini-dance party in our parking lot..which attracted the campus police..and we were informed that we were breaking a noise they took down my information since it was my car. It wasn't a warning it was just so they know they talked to me about noise. It was kind of scary but all is well. haha

Now I wrote about a "date" in my last blog. NOT EVEN A DATE. Honestly. It was fun but I don't even know if it qualifies as a date. No. I don't think it does.
I'm not writing about any more dates on here..only if they are good. and after the fact. maybe. not that i go on many dates. cause i dont. at all.

I am one of the new Gospel Doctrine Teachers in my ward. I am so scared. Like actually. I can hardly talk for 5 minutes let alone an HOUR! I'm gonna have a hard time with this one. But things will work out. I'll figure it out.

All is well. New challenges but all is well. Things are great in the friends department. Boy department? Not so hot. But as Raleigh advised me, "Give them time. Boys are dumb and slow." Which is oh so true. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

College Life

college is awesome. just awesome. i love all the girls in my hall and i love meeting new people. its all a new adventure that i am just loving. today i got my palm read it was surprisingly is what she said
-i stress the little things (oh so true)
-one major stresser in my life thus far (ACL tear)
-i am very passionate (so true i love too many things)
for my future:
-i will live until my 80'sish
-i will have 2 kids and one will be a surprise
-towards the end on my life i will have a major medical choice to make about my life
-i will have 2 major passions that i try to make work together but then i have to split them sometime down the road
-something happened to me in the pre-existence that makes me different. (not really future but i had to put it in somewhere)
-i'm average-ly wise
-my knowledge will be very useful in my everyday life

so that was my palm reading. good times.
i also went to the dollar theater with 2 of my new college friends :) we had a hard time finding it but my sense of direction (which i thought was really bad) and my memory pulled through for us.

college is great. i love it. a lot.

oh and did i mention i have a semi date tomorrow? well i do. whatt whatt? haha really weird story on how that happened..ill share that in my next post and report on the date. ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grad Speech..

for those who missed it:

As I thought about what I should say here today, I kept thinking about what I wanted for all of you – my friends and classmates, the Herndon High School class of 2011!
I read inspiring speeches, watched motivating YouTube videos, and talked to teachers, family, and friends for inspiration.
But through all those conversations and all that research, I kept returning to one simple wish.
My wish for all of you is just to be happy.
That’s it. Just Be Happy!
My all-time favorite quote is from Anne Frank. And the fact that Anne Frank said this is truly inspiring.
She said, “Look at all the beauty still around you, and be happy.”
As we’ve trudged through the last four years of high school, it hasn’t always been easy. We’ve had our trials and obstacles along the way, but today is proof that we have pushed passed them.
Not only did we push pass them but I hope we learned to find happiness along the way.
We tried new things, found what we loved, and went with it.
Even in the midst of difficulty, we excelled.
Now, we are sitting here today ready to receive our diplomas.
We have proven that we are achievers. We know how to excel at something.
And not just any something, but something that matters, something we can feel proud of, and something that paves the way for us to do even greater things.
The Dalai Lama said:

“The purpose of life is to seek happiness.

Happiness is determined more by the state of one's mind than by our external conditions, circumstances, or events.

The key to happiness is in our own hands.”

So as we begin a new chapter of our lives let’s choose to be happy.
Be happy we are where we are.
Be happy we have what we have.
And be happy we are who we are.

In closing and on behalf of this years graduating class, I’d like to thank the teachers, coaches, counselors, sponsors, administrators, and families who have sacrificed so much for us over the years. And to you Class of 2011, I’d like to thank you for the many things you have taught me over the years. Thank you for the moments of pure joy you have shared with me. I wish you every bit of happiness in all your endeavors. Thank you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not Goodbye, Just See you Later.

here i am sitting in a hotel in utah 2 days after graduation on my way to COLLEGE. holy. moley. this is crazy. one thing at a time though.
first things first:

what a stressful day. i had a dentist appointment at 9:20. i didn't get called back until 10 then the dentist didn't come until 10:40. and i had to leave for graduation at 11:30. I got home at 11:15 and hurried so fast i ran into my garage door. yes. you read that right. i was so anxious and stressed out i forgot to open the garage door before pulling out. i felt so stupid. luckily maggie (my honda civic) is ok and the garage door still worked. i pulled out in shame and as soon as i left the driveway i began to cry. that was only the beginning of my emotional day. but after a couple minutes of crying, i composed myself and picked up my other officers, and we headed on our way to the patriot center for graduation. we got there with no problem which helped calm me down. 

after a long wait to begin, everything was in place. all the graduates were lined up and ready to head out the tunnel to process out. i, being the class president, had to cut everyone and be out in front. as i walked by my fellow classmates, many cheered me on. it felt like such a long walk but it was much enjoyed on my part. i felt like i was running out the tunnel for the super bowl or some big game. i had mr. frohm, walking close behind me coaching me in one ear and my classmates cheering me in the other as i walked by. 

"make eye contact! speak really really slow!" yelled mr. frohm. "go annie!" "you can do this!" "we love you!" cheered my classmates. finally we reached the end of the tunnel. mr. frohm stopped, called my name solemnly and said, "good luck. you'll be great." and still my wonderful classmates were cheering me on. i took a deep breath and off we went. 

the next thing i know, im sitting on the stand anxiously waiting my time to speak. 
finally its my turn. i head up there, and surprisingly enough, i'm fine. a few nerves but i felt comfortable. like i was talking to a close friend. and i guess i was. i had become so close with many of my classmates and their parents that i was talking to close friends. it was fun. it was exhilarating. and when i came to my closing words, i wish i had written more. i wanted that moment to last as long as i could. i loved it. 

i sat back down, and took a huge breath. phew. i was done. 

then came all night grad. 
so much fun. lots of awesome prizes (i won a chick-fil-a giftcard whoop whoop) and lots of giggles and hearty laughs. 
but then the end came. 
i had been dreading that ever since i found out i'd be leaving the day after graduation. 
i started saying my goodbyes, and was doing alright, but then it really hit me. 
things are never going to be the same again. 
im not ever going to enter the walls of herndon high school the same way.
 i was holding back big alligator tears. 
one hard goodbye after another. 
too many great friends that i will miss. 

then i had to say goodbye to chloe. the girl who pushes me to do better. to be better. im so glad no one else was around to see how pathetic we were. literally sobbing. we held each other so tight hoping that that would make it so i didnt have to go. finally we had to let go. i had to just walk away. through our sobs we said a hopeful and determined "see you later." 

another hard goodbye. i went to breakfast with brandon, my logical, usually-right, and patient best friend. we had a wonderful breakfast and then came back to my house to see the rents. chatted some more. then it was time to go. we had a good hug and went our separate ways. of course i was holding back tears. i was determined not to let myself sob in front of anyone again. 
another hopeful and determined "see you later."

then maybe the hardest goodbye of all. 
i went to her grad party then when it was time to leave, i had to give a quick hug then book it out the door so i wouldnt start sobbing in front of everyone. 
shaunessy is my go to girl. 
if i need some one to go with me to something, she is the first girl i ask. 
we have been friends ever since i can remember and the thought of things changing so much that i wont see her everyday, scares me. 
but it was again another hopeful, and slightly more determined, "see you later."

And as i sat ont he plane about to take off to leave beautiful virginia, i was holding back tears as i thought of all the wonderful things about virginia.
Herndon High School
all my great friends, 
my family, 
the green trees that are amiss here in Utah, 
and much more. 
But like everyone else i had to remind myself. 
this isn't goodbye.
it's a hopeful and very determined, "see you later."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too Much, Too fast!

So many emotions. Too many for my likings.

so i graduate high school on friday. i never thought high school would end. but now it is. i dont quite know how to feel. part of me is so ready to get out of high school and on to bigger and better things. but the other part of me wants things to go to back to normal. the normal where i get up go to school hang with friends and then go to lax practice and etc. the normal high school life.

i have been too emotional lately. happy, sad, angry, i feel like i have felt every emotion possible multiple times in the last couple weeks. most recently its been overwhelmed. there is so much i want to do before i leave on saturday. (thats right the day after my graduation.) too many people i want to spend time with, too many things i want to plan. not enough time for any of it. i cant say no, i have to do it all. (i get that from my mother..)

another emotion i have is sadness. i am going to miss all my friends. :( i was doing pretty good about not crying. mostly because we try to not dwell on the topic.. but then i was talking to my best friend brandon and he doesnt know yet..but i started to cry. (we were chatting on facebook..oh technology these days.) dumb brandon making me i just know there are more tears to come. how dumb though? really? emotions are annoying.

(as Brittany Chinn would say.)

another emotion is fear. fear about my knee, how will things work out while being away from home. fear about my graduation speech, how will it turn out, will people actually be listening? and fear of college..i dont want to be the lame freshman who doesnt know that they are doing again. i mean im at a point now where to some extend i own the school. im a big fish in a big pond. i like it that way.. but now im gonna be a very small fish in a very big pond. and thats scary. and somewhat annoying..

well not the most eloquent post i was anticipating but there it is. most my emotions splat on this one blog post. sorry im an emotional mess.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guess What?! I'm a Poet!

ok not really..but I just had to write a poem for english and I'm really proud of here it is! :)

This Sucks
By Annie Turner
I’ve never been too dramatic. 
I’m pro at making things look fantastic.
I’ve always looked at the bright side.  
But, oh the things inside I hide.  
When things go wrong, I’m told- be happy,  
I’m not one for being too sappy, 
There are worse things that can happen. 
I’m cool when bad things come a tappin’ 
But then my ACL started a snappin’ 
Who d’a thunk this would ever happen?
I walk with a obvious limp
I am forever labeled a gimp. 
This brace stays with me all the time, 
Oh, how my life used to be sublime.
To shower I use a plastic bag.  
And clipping my toenails is such a drag.  
Everywhere I go this stays on.
My leg is straight when I use the john.  
I wake every time I want to roll.
There’s not much one can say to consul. 
I often feel like an old lady, 
and people treat me like I’m a baby.
I have never had such bad luck.
But can I just say, this really does suck.