Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Day of Thanks

This Thanksgiving I got to spend with my new family! Josh's family came down from Colorado and picked us up in Provo and we drove down to St. George to be with Josh's Grandparents and brother Rob.

We got to go to the pool and to encourage Bekah as she swam laps to stay in shape for Swim Team. When I say encourage I mean we messed around a lot while Bekah worked hard. Luckily we got Bekah to join in our fun as we made ridiculous relay games where we practically drowned our way across the pool. Life-threatening yet completely enjoyable!

We also played lots of games. I quickly learned that when it comes to games the Burtons mean business. We had some good competitions all in good fun of course. Rob and his smooth talking got me to share the glory of winning with him causing contention between us and Josh and Bekah. Which made Bekah retaliate by kicking me in my sleep. (ok, ok, it was unintentional...I think..)

On Thanksgiving we Josh and Rob entertained us by pulling up one of their Grandparent's dead trees in the backyard.

After a couple fun filled days in St. George we made our way back up to Payson to be with Josh's other grandparents for our 2nd Thanksgiving meal. I think after all the food I've eaten this week I will be full for weeks!

I really enjoyed being able to spend Thanksgiving getting to know my new family. I think I'm pretty lucky to have the Burtons as my in-laws. This Thanksgiving I have so much to be grateful for. My amazing family (new and old), all my loved ones that have done so much for Josh and I to make this special time in our lives the most memorable and perfect time ever, my opportunity for an education at the greatest university (ok I may be a a little biased..), my job, and my very favorite- only 20 more days until I am sealed together with my best friend! So many great things going on I can't even handle it!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Being Engaged Rocks!

Recently Josh and I have been complaining about being engaged. It's a little embarrassing and slightly pathetic. We keep saying that being engaged sucks. But what kind of attitude is that!? We just get overloaded with planning and such that it stresses us out. We are just ready to be married! But good things come to those who wait right? So in honor of my life's motto of "Just Be Happy" here are couple reasons why being engaged is the bees knees:

  • Having excuses to get me nails done. So many pictures, people looking at my ring, etc! I can't have ugly nails! Right? 
  • Looking Pretty. With all our pictures and meeting people and attention I've got to look good right? I get to get my make-up and hair done for pictures and such and what girl doesn't like getting pampered?
  • Excuse to be lovey dovey. I like to think that Josh and I aren't one of those annoying couples who can't sit more than 2 inches away from each other ever, but who doesn't like to be close to the ones you love? I get to hold my man and me a little more affectionate, which I'm not sure he likes, but I love it. haha
  • Parties and Celebrations! So many reasons to celebrate and so many people to celebrate with! I mean I have 4 bridal showers planned! How awesome is that! I love parties and people so being engaged is the prime state to be in for those things. 
  • Overwhelming amount of Love. This one is my favorite reason. Not only do I have an immense amount of love for Josh but for our families and friends who have been working unbelievably hard to make our wedding day exactly what we want it to be! I feel so loved and cared for it is such an amazing blessing to have such awesome people willing to do anything and everything I ask of them! Their incredible amounts of patience as I change my mind constantly and go blindly into planning a wedding astounds me. Josh and I are so so blessed with such great support from our family and friends. This wedding or even marriage would not be possible without them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!