Sunday, August 25, 2013


Here it is, the greatly anticipated engagement story!

So Josh had told me while I was in Africa that he got a ticket to come to Virginia on August 22nd. I was beyond excited! We had talked all about marriage and we were basically just waiting for one very important piece of jewelry to seal the deal. He had told me he bought the ring but it wouldn't come for another 5-8 weeks so proposing to me in Virginia just couldn't be done! While I was disappointed I told myself to have patience, it was still going to happen just not as soon as I wanted it to.

After I got home from Africa I had planned to go to Eastern Market on Saturday the 17th with my two great friends Keary and Shaunessy. That morning I woke up earlier than usual and so I had extra time to get ready. I spent extra time making my hair perfect and perfecting my outfit choice. After I had finished getting ready I looked in the mirror and thought, "Man, this is a good outfit. Maybe I should save it for when Josh comes or for when he might propose." Then I sent Josh a snapchat telling him that I looked good and he should propose today. (Mind you I had absolutely no inkling that he was actually already at Eastern Market preparing to do just that.)

Keary picked me up and we headed off to DC. We parked, and started through the market. I was just taking my time looking at sunglasses and scarves while Keary and Shaunessy were going through quick. I just figured they didn't shop like me where you look and touch everything. Then Keary said she needed to find a bathroom and asked me to lead her to it. She made it seem urgent so I walked fast. But of course I had to stop and look at the beautiful sunflowers! After admiring them and Shaunessy coaxing me to buy some the florist informed me that they had just set out a new display of sunflowers! Keary said she could hold it while we went to go look at them.

We go into the North Hall and there is a table set up with sunflowers all around it in the middle of the room. I thought, "This is random, but very pretty!" We got to the table and Shaunessy is telling me I have to buy some then I hear, "They are pretty, huh?" I turn around and there he is. I was so shocked I jumped back and I think I scared him! I seriously thought he wasn't real. I had to grab his arm to make sure he was really standing right in front of me. He then handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

After a long time of just laughing out of pure joy that Josh was here and knowing what was coming Josh said, "I have something better than flowers for you." The walked around the table and got a pineapple. Why a pineapple? Because for Valentine's Day he got me a pineapple instead of flowers because he thought it was better than flower. Probably true. I was laughing like nonstop. This was so us. After another long amount of time he said, "I'm gonna pop the question now, ok?" I think he was trying to wait for me to calm down before he said anything but that wasn't going to happen. I responded, "Ok, do it!" He then got down on one knee and told me to pop the top off the pineapple. Inside was the gorgeous ring! Then he said, "Annie Turner, will you marry me?" I immediately said yes!

Everyone clapped and my parents came into congratulate us! My 2 requirements for Josh were 1. I wanted to completely surprised. 2. Have pictures of it. Nailed both of those things! He had my best friend from high school Griffin Harrington there videoing and photographing the whole thing! Griffin did such a great job I couldn't be happier with the pictures! 

The rest of the day we went around DC to take pictures and called all the important people. Such an amazing day. Little did I know that so many people had been in on the surprise and helped plan it. Huge thanks to all those who helped make August 17th a perfect day for Josh and I. 

I am incredibly happy and couldn't be more positive about this decision Josh and I have made to be sealed together forever. He is my best friend, playmate, love, and soon to be eternal companion. What an amazing blessing it is that we aren't bound by time. No 'till death do we part' business. We are talking forever. I am one lucky girl.  December 21st can't come soon enough! 

Catching up.

Holy smokes do I have a lot of blog updating to do! I slacked hardcore on my Africa blog so I have lots of posts to add to that. I guess that's a good thing that I didn't have a lot of time to blog while in Uganda because that means I was super busy right? Oh and the internet wasn't the greatest...

I also have some other very exciting news to share. I'M ENGAGED!!!! It still doesn't feel real. I feel like the luckiest girl alive and I am shocked this is my real life. I mean who goes to Africa for a month then 2 days later gets engaged to the greatest man alive?! Me I guess! Ridiculous. The wedding planning has already begun and the Salt Lake Temple has been booked! December 21st at 11:40am I get to be sealed forever to my best friend. Is there a better blessing than that?

Not to worry, the whole engagement story is coming up in the next blog post. It deserves it's own post. :)