Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Because I'm avoiding stress..

I am currently in the Library avoid homework. I think I have gone to the library more this semester than I have my whole freshmen year. I'm taking anatomy this semester and it is seriously kicking my butt. The last couple weeks I have spent about 3 hours a day studying for a stupid lab quiz. Which we have every week. So it's not like a one week thing then you are done, no. It's every week during the semester having to study freaking hard for a ten question quiz. And on top of that we have the lecture quizzes and midterm. Oh not to mention my other classes with papers and midterms. So yes. School is kicking my butt. 

But I decided to blog to relieve stress, not add to it, so no more talk about stressful school.

Here are the exciting things going on in my life:

1. Today is the first meeting of reLax Utah! So far we have about 15 members on facebook (a couple of which are my family and friends) But I'm just excited to get going. Lacrosse has always been a way for me to relieve stress so I'm excited to be able to play. I hope the weather cooperates and lets us play into the winter! 

2. Cougar Coaches! I signed up with my friend Carter to be a Cougar Coach for a 1st and 2nd grade basketball team. I am so excited! We meet every Wednesday and Saturday and I cannot wait! I miss my Summer Camp kids a lot and just generally being around kids. So I'm so excited to meet some new kiddos!

3. Great Roommates. My apartment could not have better people in it. Yes every once in a while I am shocked with how hot some of my roommates want it, or how quickly the sink can fill up after just emptying it but I absolutely love all my roommates. We have so much fun together. I think that if you walked by our at any given time you would hear giggles bursting through the door. I have had so many laugh attacks lately, which is such a perfect stress reliever. 

4. My ward. We have such a fun ward. And it seems that our apartment always has someone fun over. I love it. Yes, it can be difficult to pull myself away to write a paper when we have an apartment full of fun people, but it's just so much fun! We played some card games on Sunday night and I just couldn't stop laughing. So much joy! haha We have made some really great friends, and I am so grateful! 

5. Missionary E-mails! The other day I got an e-mail from Elder Redd and today I got one from Elder Hatch! They seem to be doing great! I'm so proud of all my boys on their missions! I sat down and wrote all of them the other week, and now I just need to get some stamps to send them out. It's crazy to me that all these boys are off serving the Lord for two years. I'm so proud of them! Love these boys! 

So there are some updates on my life! Thanks for letting me waste an hour or so of my time! haha Now I better start on Anatomy.....gahh 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Great Day!

Today was a simply beautiful day. I got to do some great things with some great people.

So the morning started out with me waking up an hour later then I had planned and finding my roommates also sleeping. We are supposed to leave by 6:15 but I woke up around 7:30. Normally that would have stressed me out and put me in a bad mood but yesterday I decided that today was going to be a great day so I did my best to not let it bother me. I woke up my roommates, grabbed my stuff and a bagel and headed out the door. We easily made it to where we were supposed to park, quickly checked in and had plenty of time before the race started.

We were the last wave which was the best wave. We were in no rush to finish the race and didn't feel pressure to keep a quick pace. We danced our way through the race. Once we finished we headed over by the stage to join the party. I let loose. I danced my little heart out. I had a lot of pent up stress thanks to Anatomy and just let it all out this morning. It was so fun! Pure joy is the only way I can think to describe it.

After the race was over and we got some free stuff we had to stop by Chipotle. We made it safely home and I immediately uploaded my pictures. Since I took the time to upload the pictures I had to endure a cold shower. It was rough. But luckily I got all the chalk out of my hair. It is still on my back and armpits because I had to give up on the ice cold shower. 

After we were all showered and bundled up we decided to rest while watching Lord of the Rings. I promptly fell asleep once the movie started. Twas a nice nap. But I awoke to my friend Conner calling to invite my roommates and I to go offroading! Naturally I had to accept and Kenzie came with me. I hadn't ever really been offroading before and so I was super excited and not sure what to expect. It was one of the greatest things ever. So much fun. I'll be honest and say I thought multiple times "my mom would be so worried if she knew what I was doing." haha Don't worry mom, Rico was a good driver. Kenzie and I stood up in the back. So so so fun. And the views. The views were simply amazing. Pictures cannot capture how great the views where. 

Overall super, super fun day. And exactly what I needed. School had gotten me super stressed out so I'm glad I could have great friends and awesome things to do. YAY LIFE IS GOOD. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Ones

My roommate had her little cousins over the other day and now it's got me thinking about kids pretty much non-stop. Not having kids of my own any time soon (you can exhale now everyone), but just how much I love kids in general. I guess I'm going through withdrawals from not being surrounded by kids 5 days a week.

I miss their stories. They would tell the craziest stories that you knew were not even close to true but you would pretend to believe them anyway just to hear all they could muster up with their wild imaginations. My mind is drawing a blank on some of the stories right now, I just remember the faces of the kids as they told their outlandish tales.

I miss their sweet comments. (Let me assure you they didn't just have nice things to say. They would ask me, "What are those red dots on your face?" I would respond, "Something I hope you get a lot of when you grow up." Just kidding..I wouldn't say that....) One of my favorite campers would say, "Miss Annie, I like your freckles." And then I would ask, "What else do you like about me?" Then she would list all the things she liked about me, "I like your hair, I like your shirt (the camp shirt that I wore everyday and every other counselor would wear), I like your shoes..." You get the point. She had a little St. Louis accent and I adored her.

I miss their competitiveness. Probably because I was one of, if not the most competitive girl in my grade. I was always trying to beat the boys at whatever I could. To this day I still remember beating Marshall Findley by one pull-up. One of my proudest moments. But anyways back to the kids, they would get that competitive juice flowing in me which probably isn't always good. But I loved how excited they got about games and how seriously they took them. Until it became a problem and they would argue with me that the other team stepped over the line, or the winner had been hit 6 times before they won, or any number of ways the winner "cheated." I miss playing dodgeball and kickball with them!

Ok. I would be lying if I said that all this kid talk didn't make me think about my own kids. I am just so excited to meet them. Is that weird? What are they going to be like? Will they be sporty and an extravert like me? Of will they be shy and quiet? Could I handle a shy kid? I hope so. But if my Grandma's predictions are right I'm going to be "blessed" with a daughter just like me. She predicted the same thing with my mom, and here I am, incredibly similar to my mother.

got this from pinterest. such a cutie!

As I was sitting in the CougarEat one day I heard this little girl say (or rather yell), "It's time to eat everybody! Close your eyes and fold your arms, it's time to pray!" I immediately thought, "I hope I will be able to be an example to my little ones so they will one day say the same thing."