Wednesday, July 23, 2014

you may say i'm a dreamer...

Marriage has taught me many things. It's been quite the growing experience. One of the biggest things it has taught me, or rather reinforced in me, is that I am a hard core dreamer. My mind is always on the future with lofty goals and well, dreams. I've only been married 7 months but my "head in the clouds" mindset was been quite magnified since being eternally matched with a very logical and rational thinker.

I'm dreaming about what the next couple, or many, years will bring Josh and I. Whether it's using my loved Zillow app to look up extremely expensive houses that make my husband feel pressured or planning our big graduation celebratory trip around the world, I'm always conjuring up extensive and expensive plans that make my husband look and our bank account and worry.

As soon as I realize I've gone maybe a bit too far with the 1.5 million dollar home on the lake we can buy right after we graduate college I have to quickly remind my sweet husband that I'm a dreamer, these aren't expectations.
We would have our own peninsula!
I get so wrapped up in dreaming about taking long trips to the Philippines to see Josh's mission or going back to Uganda for 3 months that I forget things like school and work and money.. Good thing I married a man who can bring me back down to earth with one comment like, "Yea that would be great but, I only get 7 days off in the summer."

Sometimes I'll admit I get a little frustrated thinking, why can't you just dream with me?? Why do you have to burst my bubble? But then I realize it's for my own good. If I were always dreaming of what could be I'll miss what is. It's not that I'm unhappy with my life as it is now, not at all! I'm just a girl with dreams who wants to see the world! I just have to remember that seeing the world costs money and it takes time, money and time we may not have at the moment. And that's ok!

Josh and I have just realized that we are a perfect match. I can dream and he can be realistic, both of which are important. So we are working on Josh allowing himself to dream a little with me and me learning to not get too caught up in my big plans.

I have to mention, that I can attribute my "head in the clouds" syndrome to my Mother. Together we could plan some pretty amazing things that I'm afraid would only worry our husbands.