Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Lovin'

Had to do the clique title because it describes my summer perfectly- a summer that I loved! Although both Josh and I worked a lot and took classes, we still found time for fun and sun.

We are living in Payson while Josh's grandparents are on a mission and it's been pretty exciting living in the country! We live 15 minutes away from Utah Lake and the Grandparents left us their psychedelic boat and we took full advantage of that awesome perk!

We also had a summer filled with family, which is a recipe for happiness if you ask me! Josh's parents and extended family were able to come to visit pretty often and we got to spend a weekend at Lake Powell in their new boat! We went wake boarding for our first time and I'm very proud to announce that both Josh and I got up our first tries. I was completely shocked I got up that I couldn't stop laughing and I fell fairly quickly but as time went on I began to be able to reduce my giggles but never quite could get rid of my massive grin! We were just having too much fun!

We also got to go the beach house with my family and it was such a fun week. We tried kite boarding and Josh liked it but I was terrified and am fine to never do it again. My dad enjoyed it too! We of course had to go play Bingo and Josh and my Mom got bingo but my Dad and I left big losers. I know it's because my Mom and Josh believed in their good luck charms but my Dad and I were non-believers of such foolishment. We've also been able to spend a good amount of time with my Snow side with baptisms, birthdays, water aerobics, family dinners, and carnivals! And of course I had to go on snow-cone runs with my favorite sister!