Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Help me! I don't know what I want to do with my life! Too many options to choose from! Athletic Training, Physical Education and Coaching K-12, or Recreational Management and Youth Leadership! Too many things I want to do! I mean I guess I still have time but it'd be nice to know what I need to do. I just want to do it all and not have to choose!

I also want to play lacrosse. And live my life normally. Ok I guess it's pretty normal right now but I don't want to have to worry about my knee anymore. Which will probably never happen. I'll always have to worry about it I'm sure.

I also don't want to take dumb general classes.

I also don't want to do homework ever.

Ok I'm done complaining.

My emotions are just all over this week, don't mind me and my craziness.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Ok so this blog is a little behind but ya know, I do what I want.

Just kidding. I've been a little under motivated this semester so I didn't really have anything real exciting to make awesome goals and write an inspiring blog about. But. I am a tad but more motivated now. And just a little bit more excited. Let me explain why.

I met a boy.

HAHAHA good joke right? That's not real. No boys.

Anyways...where was I? Oh yes. My renewed motivation. Exciting stuff I know.

So let me be honest. Since being here at BYU I haven't made the most friends.  It's kinda sad. Actually it's really sad and verging on pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I have friends. Two to be exact. Ok maybe a little more than two but you get the point. But I've come to a point where it's time I make new friends. So me and my two friends have been looking for ways to do that. My wonderful roommate and I have been praying almost every night for us to be open to new friendship opportunities and to find people we can become good friends with. And let me just tell you God works in mysterious ways. It keeps me on my toes.  Here are two ways I've decided God has heard and is answering my prayers:

I have recently been called to be our ward's greeter. Yup. I stand at the door and greet people as they come into church. The Bishop wants me to know everyone's name and address them by name when they come in. It's kind of a daunting task but I'm up to the challenge. (Or, "challenge accepted" as Barnie would say, How I Met Your Mother anyone?) So I've decided this is for sure a way of answering my prayers. I'll admit I was hoping for a more time consuming calling because I have so much free time on my hands but maybe now I can use that time studying the Ward Directory. Maybe...

Here are some greeting options for the 6 boys we have in our ward:

But in all reality it will be like this:

The second way is through a really unexpected way. My friend Christina from home has moved out to Provo to work and what not and she is just great. For reasons I'm not quite sure of we had an on and off relationship at home. But now we are becoming good friends again. And now her brother Tommy has been thrown into the mix and they are just a bundle of fun those two.

See what I mean?
I may or may not have done a little creeping to get this picture....
Don't worry about it.

Anyways, these two are a bundle of fun as I said. We played some night games, my favorite game in the whole world- Legretto (Pounce or Leghetto, your choice), and watched some Gilmore Girls. Tommy even bought us Pizza! Now you may be wondering how this applies to the new friend thing. Well, allow me to explain. At the night games they invited a bunch of people, who invited a bunch of people, who invited a bunch of people, you get my drift right? In short there were a lot people new people to meet. So basically I'm using them to make more friends. Just kidding! I actually love them.

Well. That's an update on my life and friendships I'm hoping to gain. I'll keep you updated on how my greeting is going. I'll be practicing I promise.

Oh also, my birthday is coming up. I'm excited. Big 1-9! Please make a big deal about it. JUST KIDDING. Gosh. Of course I don't want a huge surprise birthday extravaganza. Who needs that? :)

Ok but I'm actually kidding. Nothing is exciting about being 19.. Older and wiser I guess? Probably not. I'm just as much of a child as I've ever been! Which I am very content about.

look at that little bundle of joy. 
doesn't your heart melt a little from the cuteness? 
it better.

Anyways, have a fantabulous week!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Perfectly Spent MLK Weekend

I love surprises.
I love surprising others, 
I love being surprised.
I just love surprises. 

So this week I was lucky enough to go surprise my bestest friend ever, Shaunessy.
Kenzie and I made the late night decision to go since we had a long weekend and no plans.

So we packed our car full of unnecessary things, 

hooked our iPods up, 

put our sunglasses on, 

hung Kenzie's undies up to dry, 

said a prayer, and were off. 

 We got safely there and in good time too!
We hustled up to her apartment to escape the cold and surprise unsuspecting Shaunessy.  
She flipped. So excited. Surprises are the best. 
Then after about 20 minutes of chatting and being shown around her wonderful apartment we went back to the car to get our luggage.
And low and behold there was a boot on my car. 
Some parking Nazi put it on and had no mercy. 
I had to pay the $40 with the $2 connivence fee. 
Shaunessy graciously paid half. 
Love that girl. 

Anyways. One minor setback on our overall wonderfully relaxing and perfect weekend. 

We went to the infamous Taco Bus for some cheap and delicious grub,

Toured campus and found a new favorite quote,

(we even saw some parkour-ers on campus who proudly showed off their tricks for us)
We also made a failure of a dinner for some very kind and patient boys,
took wonderful Sunday naps,
enjoyed Shaunessy's great hospitality, nummy food, and treats,
made friends with her awesome roommates,
and shamelessly admired many good looking boys at church.

On our way home Kenzie read Mockingjay and we finished the book. 
So sad the whole series of The Hunger Games is over.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. 

A special thanks to Sara for the car and 
to my parents for being patient, loving, and simply wonderful parents.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to the BYU Bubble

Being home was so wonderful. I loved just jumping right back into the place I left off. I loved being able to just get right back into the groove with my high school friends as if nothing had changed. Actually, nothing really did, even though we did have very different college experiences.

I quickly became aware of how different my college experience was from my friends' college experiences. I heard all about the drunken dilemmas, raging parties, and late night hook-ups. I have to confess after the first like two stories I got sick of it real quick. I just don't understand where the joy is in that. My friends kept saying, "Man, I'm so sorry you don't get to experience real college life," but honestly I couldn't ask for anything more than the college life I am living.

I feel like I have grown more in these past two semesters at BYU than in my whole life. I have learned more than just what was taught in my classes. I learned how to love everybody including myself. I've learned how I work best. I've learned and come to understand more fully the Atonement and all that it means for me. I've learned how the Holy Ghost works in my life. I've learned that when I put this gospel first, everything just falls in place. I've learned all that and so much more just in the last two semesters. I have grown more as a person and I don't think any other "college life" could teach as much as my BYU college life does.

Even though I wasn't at all happy to say good-bye to Herndon and all the people still there, I am glad to be back in the "BYU bubble". I know I complain about the "bubble" but I feel safe in the "bubble." Some may say that that is me being sheltered, but I see it as the complete opposite. In the "bubble" I can count on people to hold doors for me. I can count on people offering to carry things if I'm clearly struggling. I can count on people to be there to listen even if we aren't close friends. I can count on people having the same standards as me and encouraging me to be better. I can count on feeling the Spirit in every class. And all those things I count on, are not small things. They mean the world to me, they are the reasons I have grown as much as I have.

So yes. My college experience is so much different then the typical college experience. But I am so glad it is. I'm grateful for the person I am becoming rather then being upset at the drunkenness, parties, and hook-ups I'm missing.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2012 In and Out List

My family loves reading the Washington Post's In and Out list so I decided to make my own In and Out List for this new year. So here it goes:

-being shy and not making many friends
- eating so poorly
- being lazy and not exercising
-using my knee as an excuse to not do something 
(unless I actually shouldn't do it of course)
-eating after 10 (I have to be reasonable here)
-spending countless hours on social networking sites
-staying up ridiculously late for no good reason

-being so much more outgoing
-eating really well
-getting back in shape
-maintaining a normal sleeping schedule
-working hard then rewarding myself by playing hard