Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Perfectly Spent MLK Weekend

I love surprises.
I love surprising others, 
I love being surprised.
I just love surprises. 

So this week I was lucky enough to go surprise my bestest friend ever, Shaunessy.
Kenzie and I made the late night decision to go since we had a long weekend and no plans.

So we packed our car full of unnecessary things, 

hooked our iPods up, 

put our sunglasses on, 

hung Kenzie's undies up to dry, 

said a prayer, and were off. 

 We got safely there and in good time too!
We hustled up to her apartment to escape the cold and surprise unsuspecting Shaunessy.  
She flipped. So excited. Surprises are the best. 
Then after about 20 minutes of chatting and being shown around her wonderful apartment we went back to the car to get our luggage.
And low and behold there was a boot on my car. 
Some parking Nazi put it on and had no mercy. 
I had to pay the $40 with the $2 connivence fee. 
Shaunessy graciously paid half. 
Love that girl. 

Anyways. One minor setback on our overall wonderfully relaxing and perfect weekend. 

We went to the infamous Taco Bus for some cheap and delicious grub,

Toured campus and found a new favorite quote,

(we even saw some parkour-ers on campus who proudly showed off their tricks for us)
We also made a failure of a dinner for some very kind and patient boys,
took wonderful Sunday naps,
enjoyed Shaunessy's great hospitality, nummy food, and treats,
made friends with her awesome roommates,
and shamelessly admired many good looking boys at church.

On our way home Kenzie read Mockingjay and we finished the book. 
So sad the whole series of The Hunger Games is over.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. 

A special thanks to Sara for the car and 
to my parents for being patient, loving, and simply wonderful parents.

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  1. Love it, so glad you guys had fun! And a "convenience" fee for a parking ticket is kinda hilarious!