Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Month.

One more month until I go to Africa. AFRICA. Can you believe it!? I cannot. It has not become real to me yet. I have gotten my shoes, some clothes, and soon I will get my shots. Oh my goodness. Life is happening so fast!

Here are my shoes. I'm in love. Chacos baby, get a pair. 
One month until I get to see these amazing faces. I cannot wait! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Josh!

So. I've mentioned a couple times this new man in my life. For his birthday, I decided it was time to dedicate a blog to him.

Let me begin with his name, Josh. A.K.A Dodoy or Doy for short. Everyone in our ward knows him as Doy, therefore that is what I call him. Why Doy you ask? Well, it was on his bucket list to have a nickname so his roommate Kay (Sam) and him picked nicknames and introduced them as such. Ever since it stuck. Why Dodoy was picked? No one knows.

So basically the first word that comes to mind when I think about Doy is happiness. He makes me so happy and together we can have an insane amount of fun no matter what we do. Here are some of our most creative dates:

Our first date we made box forts and threw plastic fruit at the other 2 couples. It was way fun. I have terrible aim though. If we got hit with fruit the only way to revive yourself was to hold hands (waffle style mind you) with your date for 10 seconds. Smooth boys.
We are so awkward..
We like to bake brownies, muffins, and anything yummy really. Somehow we always end up looking like this when we cook or bake together. He spills every meal and has stained 2 of my shirts. He would add that I spill a lot too, but that's not true. Ok, maybe a little bit true..

On Memorial Day my roommate Alex and I woke up to the smell of bacon because our boyfriends had surprised us with a delicious breakfast! They won major good boyfriend points that day. Oh but then Doy lost a few when he gave me a bloody nose. Someone started a tickle fight which I was not participating in but if you know Doy then you know he loses all control of his body when he is tickled. I was a little too close to him as he started to flail around and got an elbow to the face. He knew what to do though, he ran (like literally ran) and got me a Diet Coke, extra ice, with a little Coke at the top. He quickly earned back good boyfriend points.

Reenactment of the injury. 

One of my favorite things we have done together was totally his idea. We went a got pillow cases and he told me to draw a face on mine and he drew a face on his. He wouldn't fill me in on what we were doing with these pillow cases until I was actually doing it. He told me to fold my arms and put them over my head and then he put the pillow case on me and put his jacket zipped up around my waist. He then told me to dance, so without many questions I danced. My roommates and him were laughing and I had no clue what was going on but just doing what I was told and danced. Our roommates helped set us both up in out pillow cases and we went door to door and danced for people. No one thought it was quite as hilarious as we thought it was, but we had a blast doing it.

There are so many other fun memories with this handsome man but I simply can't share all of them in one blog. I'm so grateful to have such a fun, hard-working, and good-looking man in my life. I'm excited to see what the future brings for us. Happy Birthday Josh! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Today my lovely sister Sara turns 23. Can you believe it? For this monumental occasion I will dedicate this blog to Sara. I will share 2 of the things she has done to make me proud, and 3 stories that make me love her. Of course with pictures spread throughout. Here it goes!

working the middle part with bangs Sara. 
Proud Moment #1: 
My Senior year Mormon Prom. I know odd event to pick but let me explain. I had recently torn my ACL and for some silly reason insisted on wearing heels to Prom. Oh yea, because my date was probably 6'2''. My parents were out of town or something and so Sara volunteered to be my parent to tag along and take pictures. Late, we arrived at the picture taking spot to find that I had to go down this steep hill to meet the other people in my group. With my knee a wobbling Sara came to my aid and basically carried me down the hill. Giggling and secretly terrified we slowly and carefully got to the bottom of the hill. The rest of the picture taking portion she was the perfect fill-in mom, fixing my hair, snapping tons of pictures, helping me walk in my heals, and even mingling with the other parents. I choose this moment because I was proud to have such a supportive (figuratively and literally) sister who so willingly stepped in to take care of me. So thanks Sara for carrying down that hill and being supportive through all my endeavors. 

Too bad you can't even see the shoes I wore! 

Proud Moment #2: 
BYU Graduation. Last month Sara graduated from BYU! What a great accomplishment! Although I may have secretly dreaded sitting through the list of names it was so worth it to hear hers! She couldn't have been more stunning. Our whole family beamed with pride as our little blonde strutted her stuff across that stage to receive her diploma. She has paved the way for me to graduate from BYU too. It's amazing that her little size 5 feet could leave such big footprints to follow in! 

Story #1:
Christmas Eve one year. I'm not sure what year this was but I think it was her first Winter Break from BYU. That may be wrong. Anyways, we took to watching One Tree Hill like that whole break together and so Christmas Eve night after our annual party was over and our parents sent us to bed Sara started watching OTH in her bed. I'm not sure how it happened but we ended up watching a couple episodes together in her bed. Now this was significant to me because Sara never really allowed me in her room or close to her really. So I felt honored to be able to have sister bonding time in the same bed! That has gone down as one of the best Christmas Eves ever in my book. Ever since then our relationship has grown stronger and stronger and I couldn't be more grateful to that. 

Sara's Photo shoot from last Christmas 

Story #2: 
When I was probably ten me and my best friend had gotten into our first fight ever. I was taking it really hard as my dramatic 10 year old self would, and I went home upset. Sara had her friends over making a movie or something I'm sure and I snuck down to silently observe even though I knew she hated that. Sara in her observant way noticed I was upset and pulled me aside and asked what was wrong. I have never forgotten that simple experience because before then I always felt like the annoying younger sister, well because I was annoying. Ever since a young age Sara has always ben sensitive to others feelings has known what to say and how to help. I am so grateful to have such an observent and caring sister that I can count on.

Story #3:
Let's end with a good one. When I was little Sara and I were getting ready for bed one night brushing our teeth with our fancy electric toothbrushes. Minding my own business I was throughly brushing the few teeth I did have, then to my surprise I feel a sharp pain atop my pretty little head. What was the pain? Well it was the fruits of young Sara's curiosity, her electric toothbrush caught up in my hair. She had looked at her toothbrush and wondered, "What would happen if I put this in Annie's hair while it was still on? Let's find out!" I had a nice Alfalfa ratted piece of hair sticking straight out of my head. There was no way of brushing that thing out so Mom had to cut it out. So I was forced to live like my father for a few weeks and have a little bald spot on my head. Thanks Sara for teaching me that you should follow your curiosity where ever it leads you. Even if it does cause pain and embarrassment to others. That was the lesson you were teaching me right? 

Wish we had a picture of this one..

Happy Birthday Beautiful. I love you and couldn't be prouder to have such a stunning, smart, and just perfect older sister.