Thursday, October 27, 2011

What a good week.

And it isn't even over yet.
Here are a few things that happened to me this week-

  • I went on a run, and trying to push myself I tried to set a fast pace. I was on my way back after gaining quite a lot of speed and I was passing the boys dorms (so downhill) and I was behind the cannon and as I was passing a boy (a pretty cute boy may I add) I tripped. I tripped and fell flat on my face. Seriously so embarrassing. The guy was like "Oh my gosh! Are you ok???" and I quickly got up and was like "yea I'm fine!" and he was like "are you sure!?" (obviously trying so hard not to laugh) and I was like "yea thanks!" and ran away. Limping. I was limping. Pain. Knee skinned (I guess this wasn't go great but I got a good laugh out of it. I hope you do too.)
  • I got my teeth! Refer to earlier blogs for full explanation about that. But they look so good and I am so happy.
  • I graduated from physical therapy! They think I'm pretty much good to do anything. So here you go people. Technically my Doc said not to play lacrosse or any competitive sports until May but..I've been cutting and running hard and everything had been fine. I'm gonna take it easy no worries but I'm just ready to be active again. I think I'm going to try to hike the Y. I'll let you know how that goes. It's not as easy as you may think.
  • I got to pick my classes. So far things aren't working out exactly according to plan but when does anything ever go according to plan? Oh yea. Never. So I'm accepting that this is part of the plan. (A little trippy huh?) Things will work out. They always do. 
  • It's Halloween weekend! I was going to go up to Idaho to see Shaunessy but something came up so I can't. I'm pretty bummed about that but I'm sure fun things will be happening this weekend down here in P-town. I just need a good costume idea. Any suggestions? 
Anyways. That's been my exciting week. I guess not too exciting but I'm excited. have I said excited enough? I think so. Anyways..Keep it real my loyal bloggers. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Deed is FINALLY done!

The day we have all been waiting for. 
I got my permanent teeth. 
It hasn't even sunken in yet.
I'm so used to going back in a couple weeks to get different ones.
But not this time!
This babies are staying in! 

If you are confused by what is going on please read this post>>
It will explain everything. 

Here are some pictures of my lovely, expensive (thanks mom and dad), and OH SO WORTH IT teeth. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My New Favorite.

One of my new favorite things to do is to wander around campus on Sunday. 
No one is there. It's quiet, and beautiful. 
Especially now with the nice weather. 
It's beautiful. 
I love to sit and watch people walk by on their way to church, and just take in the sun. 
I like to find a nice place in the sun to sit and call home.
After that I just love to sit and take it all in.
I'm trying to enjoy this weather before the long, cold, snowy winter comes. 

Also side note- my backround on my computer changes everyday and recently it's been pictures from basketball season. It makes me miss it a lot. But it's also great to be reminded of the good times with those boys. And Emily of course. :)

Anyways. Maybe you should try walking on campus on a Sunday sometime. I might even let you sit and watch with me. Might being the key word. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things I love..

In the spirit of my incredibly happy mood that has now spilled over into today I want to make another list of things I love. :)

  • My recent new favorite snack- a PB Jamwich.
  • Waffle Crisps. Best cereal ever.

  • My Weekly Routine. Finally I have some order to my life.
  • The Utah Mountains (especially now with the changing leaves.)
  • BYU (pretty much everything about it but here are some specific things-
    • The Clock Tower Hymns. They always seem to be perfect to the moment. 
    • Praying before every class starts (At first this was weird. But now I love it.)
    • Well-dressed boys. Of course there are some that need some help (plaid on plaid disease is rampant here.) But there are a lot of very well-dressed men.
    • Politeness. Doors are held, smiles are given, compliments from random people are received. etc.
    • Family. My sister is here I've never been so close to my extended family. It's wonderful.

  • Rain. I love when I get to put on my raincoat and rain-boots and go jump in puddles.
  • Twitter. I love reading friends tweets, tweeting things on my mind, and getting celebrity updates. Like Hilary Duff is having a baby boy!
  • Sweater and Scarf weather. It is currently the perfect temperature for a cardigan and scarf. Perfect.

  • Running.
    • a) that I can run.
    • b) that it's perfect weather right now.
    • c) alone time to think and clear my head of all my stressful plans. Nothing else seems to get the job done the same
  • My lax bro shorts. So comfortable. Best DI purchase. Only 3 bucks!

  • School Supplies. I love markers, crayons, pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, chalk, any and everything Crayola makes, etc.
  • My new BYU friends. So much fun is had. We may not get the men, we may not go to crazy parties every weekend, but one thing is for sure, we know how to have a good time.

Don't be deceived by the boy in the picture.
We don't go on dates.
Besides Alex.

  • My Herndon Friends. Of course I still love them. And I miss them everyday. I cannot wait for Christmas.
  • My Family. DUH. I love their support and just how well they know me. Most the time I think they know me better then I know myself.
  • My Gospel. I love that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love my God. I love my Savior. I know that this is the only true church and that is the thing that keeps me so grounded. Without it I'm pretty sure I would be going nowhere good, fast. It is the thing that brings me pure joy. It's the reason I'm so happy. I am so blessed. God is so good. So very good. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh So Happy!

Today I am extremely happy. 
Like ridiculously happy.
 And for no specific reason am I happy. 
I just am. 

It may be because of these things that happened today:

I accidentally slept through physical therapy..(that wasn't so good).
I sat outside and enjoyed the weather.
I had an amazing Book of Mormon class.
I went for a run.
I got passed while running cause my knee makes me slow but instead of being discouraged I giggled.
I ran to the Temple.
I stopped and sat in front of the Temple for a while just trying to take in the beauty of it all.
The mountains are changing colors, the sky was bright blue, the grass was super green.
The temperature was just perfect.
As I finally started to run back to my dorm I passed a old man on a bike and he gave me a big hearty smile.
Had a nice chat with Emily (nothing has changed since high school.)
I had dinner with some fun people.
I'm pretty funny on twitter.. (at least I think so)
And now I'm blogging. Which makes me even happier.

Overall it was just a good day. 
No particular reason, just cause I'm happy.
And cause God is oh, so good to me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


This is weird timing and kind of a repeat of stuff I've already posted but I'm in a blogging mood and this has been on my mind recently.

I miss high school. I never thought I'd say that. But I do. Here are the top things that I miss in no particular order:
  • I miss math class with Brandon. Constantly messing with each other, embarrassing each other (or mostly Brandon embarrassing me..), and just talking about any and everything. I absolutely hate math but Brandon made it bearable, and even made me look forward to it.

  • I miss playing a sport. Yes literally playing a sport but also just having a team. I miss going to practice and complaining about Pierce together, making warm-ups go as long as possible, pushing each other, being sassy with Coach Baggetta, going to eat after games and practices, and just having a second family. I miss sitting on the bench with Victoria and Zoe thinking of stupid cheers to try and get some enjoyment out of our overall horrible hockey experience. I miss being super competitive with Chloe and being determined to do more push-ups, getting faster times, lifting heavier weights, etc. Which never really happened..she beat me a lot..

  • I miss having my parking spot. Weird thing to miss but every morning pulling into my spot painted perfectly how I wanted it and in the prime parking spot was so satisfying. I miss going out after school and just hanging around with everyone before practice. And all the shenanigans involved in that.

  • I miss being a senior and doing whatever I wanted. Senior class president had it's perks.
  • I miss my basketball boys. The whole program for that matter. I am eternally grateful to Emily for picking me to do it with her. Can't wait to go home and just walk into that locker room like nothing has changed. 

  • I miss driving Taty and Lauren to seminary. Miss those girls. I miss Taty's ridiculousness and Lauren and I's shared giggles about Taty's ridiculousness. I miss going to bagel every other morning, rushing to go to Bagel, Robecks, and stopping at Giant. Such eventful mornings.

  • I miss planning fun things every weekend. I have no car, no house, no money. So it's really difficult to plan exciting things. It's possible but more difficult. 
  • I miss my car and having my whole life in it. My hockey and lacrosse stick, balls rolling around in the truck, extra clothes, books, food, friends trash...I just want my car back.
  • I miss geospatial with Shaunessy. Looking at wedding blogs, doing all the work, giggling uncontrollably, and just seeing Shaunessy everyday. 

  • I miss choir. Even though I'm pretty sure everyone hated me because I wasn't 100% choir and wasn't the happiest at 6:15am..I loved it. I loved hanging with Griffin and Gracie. We stuck together. They got me through Show choir. (I'm the best dancer..but they made it fun.) 

  • I miss Virginia in general. Especially right now. I am really sad to be missing the trees changing and our backyard "curtain" opening. I miss getting excited about the 20% chance of snow and constantly refreshing to make sure school was canceled. 

There are probably a lot more things I'll think of later that I miss but as for now, there is my list.
It's hard to think that these things will never happen again. I'll never drive to Herndon High School the same way. It's just now hitting me. Really delayed reaction I guess. Anyways. High school is over and I'm sad that it is.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Ok. I'm crazy. It's for real. 
I am considering double majoring. 
Which is ridiculous and everyone is thinking-crazy freshman with no clue what to do with her life.
But actually I have a pretty detailed plan of my life.  
(No judgement, this is my dream. You are not allowed to judge my dreams.)
Here is my plan:
I want to be a gym teacher at a high school. (Yup. You read that right.)
I want to coach Lacrosse at that same high school.
I want to be an athletic trainer at that same high school.
Then after a couple years be the Athletic Director at the high school.

I don't even think that is possible. 
I don't think you can coach and be an athletic trainer at the same time.

(On a side note this girl near me has this wayyyyy annoying laugh and I forgot my headphones so I have to bear it. Aghhhh someone shut her up!)

But yes. I'm crazy.
I want to double major in Athletic Training and Physical Education/Coaching K-12.
That would be approximately 140 credit hours.
Plus internships for both.
Plus my generals (about 120 hours)


But I'm thinking I could do it. I have always been a crazy busy person, and I like life that way. 
I feel so unproductive when I am not ridiculously busy.
I'd be in college forever but I mean honestly, I'm in no rush to be in the "real world."
I just can't choose between them. 

Athletic Training has prestige, and I find it all super interesting. 
I get excited when someone gets injured.  (Awful I know..)
I can even bear, dear I say take joy in, taping ankles in the name of healing even though I hate feet.

Physical Education/Coaching is something I've always wanted to do. 
I've always wanted to be a teacher. 
I dream of being that inspirational coach who makes miracles happen in the lives of children and teenagers. (a little dramatic I know..)
I just want my life to be like the inspirational sports movies.

Is that too much to ask?
To be a semi-prestigious athletic trainer and a inspirational, (good-looking) coach/teacher?
can you see it?? 

I think not. 

(This girl. I mean really, how funny can this guy be?)

But honestly. Double majoring is crazy right?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things just work out..

I've thought a lot about this lately and I think it's something worth sharing..

Things just have a way of working out. 
No matter what it is life goes on. 
When you look back at the issue that seemed huge and unbearable at the time,
 as time went on it faded. 
And in all reality was nothing.

I'm a worrier. 
Some of my friends call me a preteen mom cause I look like I'm 14 and I worry. 
But lately I've gotten sick of worrying. 
I mean honestly, what good does it do?

I'm trying to keep things in perspective. 
When I start to worry about something I'm trying to tell myself,
"This is not as big as you're making it. 
Time goes on. 
Life goes on. 
There are bigger and better things to worry about. 
Things just work out. 
They always do."

My mom has a quote on her desk that is perfect, 

"Everything will be ok in the end, 
if it's not ok, it isn't the end" 

If things aren't ok, then there is still time for things to change. 
Just keep hope for that. For the end of the trial or whatever. 
Things just have a way of working themselves out. 

But don't forget in the midst of your trials, 

be happy. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I love people.

Can I just say I love people? 
Not all the time of course.
But every once in a while the human race surprises me.
And tonight, human race surprised me yet again.
Some people are just the best. 
Simply the best.
The very best.

To the kind soul that surprised me and made my night/week/month/year/life:
Thank you.
Thank you for being an extraordinary human being.
YOU, my dear friend,
are simply the best.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zombie Week A.K.A the whole story of my teeth

So this week I have had kind of a Zombie Week. I just kind of went through the actions. Not really looking for happiness like I did last week. 
(Don't worry, I'm still happy. And next week will be better)
It didn't start out too great because I found out that I wont get my real fake teeth for another 3 weeks. 
I've waited 6+ years for those teeth. 
6+ years.

For those of you who don't know the story here it is:

I was born without 3 adult teeth. I had the baby teeth but as I got older they never came out on their own so they had to be pulled. So for a while I just had no teeth. Then after a while they had some fake ones made and attached to the wires of my braces. After my braces got removed I was given a retainer with fake teeth attached. I've had that same retainer ever since 6th grade. I can't even begin to count how many times it has been altered. I have had 2 attempts at bone implants to be able to get implants for all three teeth. But one side never took so I have to get a bridge. A bridge means they shave down the surrounding teeth and place a "bridge" there. My dentist thought it be best if I got veneers too with the surrounding teeth to make everything look uniform. After 6+ years of waiting at the end of my senior year I was promised I'd have my permanent teeth in before I left for college. 
Then I got accepted to Summer Term. 
But the doctors assured me it could still be done. 
Then we decided to do whitening. 
Which postponed things yet again.
(Which later turned out to be a waste since I'm getting veneers anyway..)
 But still I was assured it would happen before I left. 
Then my knee blew up. 
That had to come first. 
And since I was leaving for summer and I wouldn't be home for more then 2 weeks until Christmas I was told I'd have to wait until then. 
So we found a dentist in Utah who could do it for me so I wouldn't have to wait so long. Everything was planned and it would happen late September. 
I drove all the way to Salt Lake (with my lovely sister, thank you Sara.) to be told my dentist at home had forgotten to send the parts and they couldn't do anything until they had them. 
So yet again, everything was postponed. 
Finally the day came where they would put in the temporaries and send all the models and what not to the labs to make my permanent teeth. 
I had an appointment scheduled for 4 weeks later, just enough time for the lab to finish.
Or so I thought..
I was called the week before my appointment (which was this week) and told the lab needed 3 more days to make the teeth. 
"Okay," I thought "I can wait 3 more days." 
The only available appointment they had was not until the end of the month 3 weeks later. 

So. There is my story. And right now I am stuck with, what I think, are giant, discolored, stupid temporary teeth yet again. Teeth that I can't even bite into a Subway sandwich with. I have to be super careful about what I eat so the temporaries don't fall off or crack. 
(Now wouldn't that be a sight.)

Some part of me wonders if this is what it's going to be like forever. 
Me and my stupid teeth. 

I bet a lot of people are thinking I am ungrateful and stupid for being so dramatic about this. 
But hey, it's my blog and this is where I get to be dramatic. 

Let's just say it's been a long 6+ years and I cannot wait until I have my own, permanent teeth.

I do have to say that I am extremely blessed and grateful that my parents are willing to do all this. A lot of time and money is going into this and I am in no way ungrateful. Frustrated and impatient, but not ungrateful.

Also. I debated for a long time if I should write a blog about this and even tell people. I have been pretty self-conscious about this for a while. I hate being known as the girl who can pop her teeth out. But. I decided most people probably already knew, and if they didn't I wanted them to understand why every time they see me my smile has changed. 

And I guess it is pretty cool I can take my teeth out. I do a mean hill billy routine. ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yet Another New Outlook on Life

So tonight me and some friends of mine were talking and we decided we 
weren't taking full advantage of our opportunity here are college. 
We need to start taking more risks. 
(Don't worry mom, not crazy illegal risks, I'm done messing with the law) 

So we made a pact. 
Here it is:

So from now on we are not holding back because of what people might think, or because we are too scared, no matter the reason holding us back we aren't gonna let it anymore.

One of our mottos is HAIR GROWS. (Don't ask how we go there..)
No matter the situation, life goes on. It doesn't matter how awkward, uncomfortable, or odd the current situation might be, life goes on. It will be a good story to tell our kids. Either a really funny semi-embarrassing story, or actually one to really learn from and appreciate.

So. Here we go on this adventure. 
Don't worry, I'll keep you informed. :) 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy, Happy, Happy

Ok, so I have no idea why but I have been so happy this past week.
I think a big part of this is because I started up my "Reasons to be Happy" Journal.
After my knee blew up I was really unhappy. 
And after a while I got sick of being unhappy so I bought a little journal to carry around and write reasons why I was happy that day.

This really helped me to see that there are so many reasons to be happy.

Let me show you exceptionally days where I had lots to be happy about:

that date should be 4/6/11-my first entry

 If you are struggling to find happiness in your life, I highly encourage you to get a notebook like this one and write down the reasons you were happy each day. Even if it's only a couple things, at least you will see that the day wasn't as bad as you think. Soon you will start to see how blessed you are, and you will be happy. Which is what we all are striving for right?
To just be happy.  
I wish you much happiness. :)