Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things just work out..

I've thought a lot about this lately and I think it's something worth sharing..

Things just have a way of working out. 
No matter what it is life goes on. 
When you look back at the issue that seemed huge and unbearable at the time,
 as time went on it faded. 
And in all reality was nothing.

I'm a worrier. 
Some of my friends call me a preteen mom cause I look like I'm 14 and I worry. 
But lately I've gotten sick of worrying. 
I mean honestly, what good does it do?

I'm trying to keep things in perspective. 
When I start to worry about something I'm trying to tell myself,
"This is not as big as you're making it. 
Time goes on. 
Life goes on. 
There are bigger and better things to worry about. 
Things just work out. 
They always do."

My mom has a quote on her desk that is perfect, 

"Everything will be ok in the end, 
if it's not ok, it isn't the end" 

If things aren't ok, then there is still time for things to change. 
Just keep hope for that. For the end of the trial or whatever. 
Things just have a way of working themselves out. 

But don't forget in the midst of your trials, 

be happy. 

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