Sunday, October 23, 2011

My New Favorite.

One of my new favorite things to do is to wander around campus on Sunday. 
No one is there. It's quiet, and beautiful. 
Especially now with the nice weather. 
It's beautiful. 
I love to sit and watch people walk by on their way to church, and just take in the sun. 
I like to find a nice place in the sun to sit and call home.
After that I just love to sit and take it all in.
I'm trying to enjoy this weather before the long, cold, snowy winter comes. 

Also side note- my backround on my computer changes everyday and recently it's been pictures from basketball season. It makes me miss it a lot. But it's also great to be reminded of the good times with those boys. And Emily of course. :)

Anyways. Maybe you should try walking on campus on a Sunday sometime. I might even let you sit and watch with me. Might being the key word. :)

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