Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh So Happy!

Today I am extremely happy. 
Like ridiculously happy.
 And for no specific reason am I happy. 
I just am. 

It may be because of these things that happened today:

I accidentally slept through physical therapy..(that wasn't so good).
I sat outside and enjoyed the weather.
I had an amazing Book of Mormon class.
I went for a run.
I got passed while running cause my knee makes me slow but instead of being discouraged I giggled.
I ran to the Temple.
I stopped and sat in front of the Temple for a while just trying to take in the beauty of it all.
The mountains are changing colors, the sky was bright blue, the grass was super green.
The temperature was just perfect.
As I finally started to run back to my dorm I passed a old man on a bike and he gave me a big hearty smile.
Had a nice chat with Emily (nothing has changed since high school.)
I had dinner with some fun people.
I'm pretty funny on twitter.. (at least I think so)
And now I'm blogging. Which makes me even happier.

Overall it was just a good day. 
No particular reason, just cause I'm happy.
And cause God is oh, so good to me.

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