Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yet Another New Outlook on Life

So tonight me and some friends of mine were talking and we decided we 
weren't taking full advantage of our opportunity here are college. 
We need to start taking more risks. 
(Don't worry mom, not crazy illegal risks, I'm done messing with the law) 

So we made a pact. 
Here it is:

So from now on we are not holding back because of what people might think, or because we are too scared, no matter the reason holding us back we aren't gonna let it anymore.

One of our mottos is HAIR GROWS. (Don't ask how we go there..)
No matter the situation, life goes on. It doesn't matter how awkward, uncomfortable, or odd the current situation might be, life goes on. It will be a good story to tell our kids. Either a really funny semi-embarrassing story, or actually one to really learn from and appreciate.

So. Here we go on this adventure. 
Don't worry, I'll keep you informed. :) 

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