Sunday, October 16, 2011


This is weird timing and kind of a repeat of stuff I've already posted but I'm in a blogging mood and this has been on my mind recently.

I miss high school. I never thought I'd say that. But I do. Here are the top things that I miss in no particular order:
  • I miss math class with Brandon. Constantly messing with each other, embarrassing each other (or mostly Brandon embarrassing me..), and just talking about any and everything. I absolutely hate math but Brandon made it bearable, and even made me look forward to it.

  • I miss playing a sport. Yes literally playing a sport but also just having a team. I miss going to practice and complaining about Pierce together, making warm-ups go as long as possible, pushing each other, being sassy with Coach Baggetta, going to eat after games and practices, and just having a second family. I miss sitting on the bench with Victoria and Zoe thinking of stupid cheers to try and get some enjoyment out of our overall horrible hockey experience. I miss being super competitive with Chloe and being determined to do more push-ups, getting faster times, lifting heavier weights, etc. Which never really happened..she beat me a lot..

  • I miss having my parking spot. Weird thing to miss but every morning pulling into my spot painted perfectly how I wanted it and in the prime parking spot was so satisfying. I miss going out after school and just hanging around with everyone before practice. And all the shenanigans involved in that.

  • I miss being a senior and doing whatever I wanted. Senior class president had it's perks.
  • I miss my basketball boys. The whole program for that matter. I am eternally grateful to Emily for picking me to do it with her. Can't wait to go home and just walk into that locker room like nothing has changed. 

  • I miss driving Taty and Lauren to seminary. Miss those girls. I miss Taty's ridiculousness and Lauren and I's shared giggles about Taty's ridiculousness. I miss going to bagel every other morning, rushing to go to Bagel, Robecks, and stopping at Giant. Such eventful mornings.

  • I miss planning fun things every weekend. I have no car, no house, no money. So it's really difficult to plan exciting things. It's possible but more difficult. 
  • I miss my car and having my whole life in it. My hockey and lacrosse stick, balls rolling around in the truck, extra clothes, books, food, friends trash...I just want my car back.
  • I miss geospatial with Shaunessy. Looking at wedding blogs, doing all the work, giggling uncontrollably, and just seeing Shaunessy everyday. 

  • I miss choir. Even though I'm pretty sure everyone hated me because I wasn't 100% choir and wasn't the happiest at 6:15am..I loved it. I loved hanging with Griffin and Gracie. We stuck together. They got me through Show choir. (I'm the best dancer..but they made it fun.) 

  • I miss Virginia in general. Especially right now. I am really sad to be missing the trees changing and our backyard "curtain" opening. I miss getting excited about the 20% chance of snow and constantly refreshing to make sure school was canceled. 

There are probably a lot more things I'll think of later that I miss but as for now, there is my list.
It's hard to think that these things will never happen again. I'll never drive to Herndon High School the same way. It's just now hitting me. Really delayed reaction I guess. Anyways. High school is over and I'm sad that it is.

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