Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess I have nothing better to do...

Well it's been raining all day long. Seriously. All day. I happy though cause I got to wear my cheetah print rain boots. :)

Because of the rain we didn't have actual field hockey practice. Just weight room. Which I kinda like because it's giving me a nice bod. haha jk..oh kinda.

Grandma and Aunt Sallie come in tonight. Just in time too because my field hockey senior night is monday. I'm excited. Hope we win.

I'm just trying to kill time before Greys Anatomy.

Can't decide what to wear to Langley Homecoming..such a dilema. Oh and I have 2 weeks to build a float. Yippee!!

Guess that's all for now..peace.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here we go...

So. My sister started a blog and since I've pretty much followed her lead all my life I thought, why stop now?

I thought why not start documenting my senior year for the world to read? lawl jk. just for me to look back and remember the fun things I've done.

So..where to begin? I'm Senior Class President, on the varsity field hockey team, and planning on managering the varsity boys basketball team :) and playing varsity lacrosse. So I'm kinda busy. This President job..I had no idea how much I would have to do! No one told me! The worst part so far is doing the float. Oh boy. It's so difficult.

Field hockey is good. We had a game last night against T.C Williams and WE WON! I scored. :) Afterwards I got interviewed and now there is an article online about the game. Pretty exciting stuff. Oh, and I got asked to Langley Homecoming by my friend Kaden. So it was a pretty excitng night. :)

Well..I don't know what else is important enough to write to the as my sister said in her first blog-Happy Reading! :)  <<here is the article! :)