Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School

Welp it’s been another long time between blogs. This has been a long break. I’ll just say that I’ve been having too fun of a summer to pause for a blog. But I now am forced to pause since I’m stuck on a plane. Let’s recap our summer shall we?

Moving in to our new place, camping, energy drink pong tournament, my Grandma turning 80, best neighbors, finishing Harry Potter, driving cross country, boating, getting a job, summer camp together, Lake Powell, graduation, family reunion, super quick trip home, new family members (fish and recently born baby fish!), best friends getting married, and so so much fun.

We realized that this is probably our last summer of not having to be real adults with real jobs so we decided to take a fun summer job instead of a big money maker. :) It just so happened that we got to work together which was ever greater than imagined! We got a job working at a Summer Camp where we basically played with kids all day. Naturally Josh was the instant favorite counselor. I got to be the manager and plan all the activities which proved slightly harder than I first thought. Overall it was a great experience and we loved it!

Tomorrow we both start school! Josh starts his last semester at BYU and I start my first day at my new teaching job at Provo Peaks Elementary. Josh has a job as a Teacher's Assistant and is excited about that. I am very excited and also very nervous for my first day but am ready to meet all my students! I already met one student who said that PE was his favorite so I'm hopeful!

Goodbye Summer! You'll be greatly missed!