Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Summer Adventures of Shaunessy and Annie

So, this is long overdue, but oh well, here it is- the recap of my most recent adventures with my girl Shaunessy.

Adventure 1- Busch Gardens
Mamma Neel basically forced us to plan a road trip for this summer and although we didn't end up going very far, we still had a great trip and it was perfect. With some hard work from both Moms, we finally found a place to stay where they allowed 19-year-olds to check in. A quaint little Bed and Breakfast named Magnolia Manor. We drove down with no problems at all (if I recall correctly) and made it right on time to check in. Once we got there, we had our first moment of hilarity. We could not figure out how to get inside the House. The parking lot was in the back of the Manor so we parked there and got out and hesitantly went up to the back door but, with no luck, it was locked. Then we thought maybe we had to go to the front. So we walked around to the front door, and tried to go in but again, the door was locked. (This whole time I was repeating the phrase, "I feel so silly!" and making Shaunessy go first) Then we tried knocking and ringing the doorbell. Still no luck. We decided to go back to the car and look up the website on our phones to see if it had instructions. Just then, a man in tennis gear came running around to the back. He was the owner, and he let us in. All was well.

After we checked in, we were shown our room, which was the Honeymoon Suite. It was the cheapest room available and it just looked so nice! We giggled when the owner showed us the room and he said he wasn't weirded out. Here is a little tour of our room!

The most comfortable bed in the whole world. Seriously it was so difficult to get out of everytime we got in. And we were the first to use it. NICE.

Our fancy tub with mirrors all around. Which we never used.

Our shower with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR shower heads. And of course we used all four whenever we showered. Not together obviously...just making that clear...

We highly recommend this fabulous Manor. 
 So on to the real reasons we went to Williamsburg! Busch Gardens and Water Country USA! We went at the absolute perfect time. It was wonderful weather, there weren't that many people there so we didn't have to wait in long lines, oh it was wonderful.

A must take picture am I right?

We took this same picture in 7th or 8th grade but we can seem to locate it...

Our favorite ride! We rode it 3 times and each time just got better and better.
Of course I laughed the whole entire time. 

Oh and probably the best picture of the trip. We have out bathing suits on.
Don't you worry. It was just another must take picture. 
Adventure 2- Rascal Flatts 
Our last-minute adventure to Rascal Flatts. From the moment we parked we knew it was going to be a good night. The van next to us was full of old drunk, yet surprisingly friendly, men. They saw us taking a picture of ourselves in our car of, so they knocked on our window to offer to take the picture. We promised to save them a dance and wake them up if they passed out at the end of the concert. Unfortunately, neither of those things happened.

Here is the picture the friendly drunk took. :)

Then, right when we walked in this girl in front of us threw up. She didn't even stop walking. She just threw up while walking and afterwards said to her friends, "I'm not even drunk!" Yup, this promised to be a great night. We stepped up the stairs to scout out a spot on the lawn, and the picked the best seats. We had a good view of the stage and most importantly a good view of some crazy people. We saw this boy and girl who seemed to have just met make out -- really, really awkwardly while they grind to the country music along side their friends, who were a couple. (This other girl by us said, "Who grinds to country?!" Well said sister, well said.) Once the girls, left the two boys proceeded to high five each other for "getting some" and then continued to scout out other girls to awkwardly "get some" with. Boy, did we have fun with those two.
Rascal <3
Then behind us we had a bunch of rednecks just having a good ol' time. Country concerts are always a perfect opportunity to people watch. The whole night Shaunessy and I were saying to each other, "This is just great, I love people." And if all that wasn't enough, at the very end of the concert a boy comes up to us, beer in hand, and shouts, "Aww man!! I lost my friends!!" I said, "I'm sorry dude.." and he replies, "Have you lost your friends??" I said, "Nope I just came with her," (pointing to Shaunessy) He then says, "Uh-oh, you aren't lesbians are you?" We then made sure it was clear we weren't by kissing him. HAHA jk. We didn't do that. But he kept talking about how he lost his friends and we wished him luck and after a couple minutes he decided to keep on walking because he decided no matter how hard he tried, we weren't interested so he decided to stop hitting on us. His words- "I guess I'll stop hitting on you guys, it doesn't seem to be working.." Although nothing is more attractive then a man holding an empty beer can (please sense the sarcasm there) he was correct, it wasn't working.

What a night. Always an adventure with this girl, always an adventure. Love you Shaunessy. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yes, I am 19 and still cannot live without my Blankie.

When I was little I stole a blanket my Grandma Turner had made for one of Sara’s dolls. I don’t remember what intrigued me so much about this particular blanket but whatever it was, it made me want it enough to risk the wrath of Sara once she realized I took it. She must not have cared too much because I’m still alive and the blanket is still mine.

I know it’s silly to still be attached to something so childish, especially having just finished my freshmen year of college, but honestly, I don’t care. My blankie and me have been through so much together it just doesn’t make any sense to leave him behind. It just doesn’t seem fair. He’s my source of comfort. Even after all these years. You’d think I would have grown out of it and moved on but nope. He’s been with me through it all, and will continue to be.


Ever since I was little I have loved soft things. When I’m in a store and a something looks soft, I don’t even try to fight the urge to touch it, before I can even think about it my hand is already glued to it. I think this strange little phenomenon all started with my blankie. I don’t know where I got this idea but I would suck on my tongue and rub a specific corner of my blankie constantly. The tongue sucking caused a lot of dental issues later down the line and luckily I have grown out of that but I still find myself finding anything soft and stroking it. My go to places are my bottom lip when it is smooth and if not there, then the little crevasse under my nose above my lip. For whatever reason doing that just soothes me. Strange I know.

When I was little he was more then just a sense of comfort, he was anything I wanted him to be. He was my magic carpet, my headdress, my fancy princess skirt, my superman cape, and so much more. We went on so many adventures together. We went any and everywhere. He is the best travel buddy.

I think it's safe to say that I was an odd child. 

Now that I’m 19 years old we don’t play as much make believe, but he is one of my first choices for comfort. I honestly don’t even know why he is so special to me but I have a couple guesses.

Even my Dad found it comforting.
My first guess is because my cute Grandma Turner made him. She passed away a few years ago and my blankie is the only tangible thing I have left of her. She was such a strong and simply wonderful woman. When she found out that I loved that blanket enough to have the cleaning ladies think it was an old dirty rag that they could throw away she made me a new identical blanket. I was reluctant to use it so my sneaky mom sowed the two blankets together forcing me to use it. Now both blankets have been loved to pieces.

My second guess is because he has been there for me through all the tough times in my life. Through every illness, discomfort, and mishap he was there. After I found out my mom had breast cancer I remember going straight to my cabin and clinging tight to my blankie trusting he would help me through this. And he did. After I tore my ACL my senior year as soon as I got in bed that night I grabbed my blankie searching for the same comfort he had offered me so many other times in my life. And now as I struggle through the challenging decisions ahead of me I cling to my blankie with the same faith that I’ll receive the same comfort I’ve been blessed with my whole life.

My third guess is that my blankie is one of the only constant things in my life right now. I think I transitioned pretty well from high school to college but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. It was those nights where I missed home so bad that I once again clung to my blankie knowing he would get me through the night. Which he always did.

Now like I said before, I know it’s silly to be to attached to something so childish, but I don’t care. Some people look to music, books, food, or whatever for comfort, but I look to my childhood, and now adulthood, best friend, which just so happens to be a blanket. 
Here are some present day pictures of my and my Blankie, do enjoy:

look at how loved it is! 

classic sucking on tongue and rubbing a corner of the Blankie