Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mak is Back

I love missionaries. 

I love Makenzie. 

I love returned missionaries. 

I love returned missionary Makenzie. 

I flew out to California to surprise my bestest friend Makenzie and it was the perfect weekend. We enjoyed beautiful California weather, catching up on social media, recapping on life events, and best of all, reminiscing of the "good ol' days" of being roommates. 

Kenzie and I were roommates our freshmen year and then sophomore year until she followed her heart and served a mission and I followed mine and got married. You can bet we had lots to catch up on. We laughed until we cried remembering all our craziness, oh and watching this ridiculous video- 

People say the friends you make in college will be the greatest friends you ever have. 

I believe it. 

Love you Mak :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014


One more week until Josh and I make the move to DC! We are pushing through finals and then we are on our way! Everyday we get more and more excited for this adventure. How great is it that I get to go to the greatest city in the world and do what I love with the person I love most! I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for this opportunity.

For some reason I have been thinking a lot about my experience in Africa. I keep being reminded of the biggest lesson that I learned while being there, and I've finally figured out why it's been on my mind.

As we traveled around to different places and met new people I would want to help everyone in some way. I didn't always know how to help all of them. So I started to say quick specific prayers. When I saw someone I wanted to help but didn't know how I would pray and ask Heavenly Father to help, protect or give me some idea of how to help them. Those prayers usually went like this: "Heavenly Father, please help that little boy walking home alone from school that he can get home safely" or "bless that young girl who is taking care of her 2 younger siblings." Each time I would get an immediate, almost overwhelming, feeling of peace. I would have a thought come to mind that said, "I've got it" or "I'm on it." I was reassured that Heavenly Father knew everyone single one of His children and knew exactly what they needed. He had a plan for each one.

I realize now why this lesson has been on my mind so much recently. It's because when I'm teaching in DC I will want to help each one of my students but my reach is only so far into their lives. If I am in tune to the Spirit I can receive promptings as to how to help each child individually. And in those moments where I may not be able to help them Heavenly Father is well aware of their specific situation and has a plan. All He needs me to do is my part and the rest is taken care of, whether it be by another servant or by His hand directly.

I am so grateful for this Christmas season that reminds me of the love of my Savior and His ultimate sacrifice that makes it possible for me to do better everyday and not be defined by my mistakes. Without the greatest gift of Christ's life I wouldn't have the hope of the future, or His example to live by as a teacher and just as a human being.

While preparing for this adventure I've been fighting feelings of inadequacy but as I remember that I have a loving Father in Heaven that has given me tools improve my talents, I have gained a sense of peace. I know that as long as I use those tools in my life He will work in me to help me be a successful teacher and role model.

I love this gospel and all the blessings it brings me. I know we all have a loving Father in Heaven who knows us individually and intimately. He cares for us and send us aid when we need it most. We also have a loving Savior who made it possible to progress and make improvements on our life to be the best we can. And that is the greatest gift of the season- Christ's life and Atonement.