Saturday, September 15, 2012

Great Day!

Today was a simply beautiful day. I got to do some great things with some great people.

So the morning started out with me waking up an hour later then I had planned and finding my roommates also sleeping. We are supposed to leave by 6:15 but I woke up around 7:30. Normally that would have stressed me out and put me in a bad mood but yesterday I decided that today was going to be a great day so I did my best to not let it bother me. I woke up my roommates, grabbed my stuff and a bagel and headed out the door. We easily made it to where we were supposed to park, quickly checked in and had plenty of time before the race started.

We were the last wave which was the best wave. We were in no rush to finish the race and didn't feel pressure to keep a quick pace. We danced our way through the race. Once we finished we headed over by the stage to join the party. I let loose. I danced my little heart out. I had a lot of pent up stress thanks to Anatomy and just let it all out this morning. It was so fun! Pure joy is the only way I can think to describe it.

After the race was over and we got some free stuff we had to stop by Chipotle. We made it safely home and I immediately uploaded my pictures. Since I took the time to upload the pictures I had to endure a cold shower. It was rough. But luckily I got all the chalk out of my hair. It is still on my back and armpits because I had to give up on the ice cold shower. 

After we were all showered and bundled up we decided to rest while watching Lord of the Rings. I promptly fell asleep once the movie started. Twas a nice nap. But I awoke to my friend Conner calling to invite my roommates and I to go offroading! Naturally I had to accept and Kenzie came with me. I hadn't ever really been offroading before and so I was super excited and not sure what to expect. It was one of the greatest things ever. So much fun. I'll be honest and say I thought multiple times "my mom would be so worried if she knew what I was doing." haha Don't worry mom, Rico was a good driver. Kenzie and I stood up in the back. So so so fun. And the views. The views were simply amazing. Pictures cannot capture how great the views where. 

Overall super, super fun day. And exactly what I needed. School had gotten me super stressed out so I'm glad I could have great friends and awesome things to do. YAY LIFE IS GOOD. 

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