Monday, June 27, 2011

A Tad Homesick..

So it's been a full week and a couple days and I'm not dying from homesickness but I do miss a lot of my friends and my family. And my dog...Nikki. But all is well here and I'm loving all the girls in my dorm.
We have been going through everyones Facebook pictures and everyone explains their life. haha Everyone tells about their friends, family, and anything else. It's been fun to see where everyone comes from. I feel like we are all best friends already. It's only been a week and they know more about me then some of my friends I've been friends with for years know. I guess a fresh look at some one teaches you more about a person then the same view for years. It's fun and interesting.

College Life Lately:
Lots of the girls in my hall went to an outdoor play! We saw Singing in the Rain. It was really fun. We then came home and had a mini-dance party in our parking lot..which attracted the campus police..and we were informed that we were breaking a noise they took down my information since it was my car. It wasn't a warning it was just so they know they talked to me about noise. It was kind of scary but all is well. haha

Now I wrote about a "date" in my last blog. NOT EVEN A DATE. Honestly. It was fun but I don't even know if it qualifies as a date. No. I don't think it does.
I'm not writing about any more dates on here..only if they are good. and after the fact. maybe. not that i go on many dates. cause i dont. at all.

I am one of the new Gospel Doctrine Teachers in my ward. I am so scared. Like actually. I can hardly talk for 5 minutes let alone an HOUR! I'm gonna have a hard time with this one. But things will work out. I'll figure it out.

All is well. New challenges but all is well. Things are great in the friends department. Boy department? Not so hot. But as Raleigh advised me, "Give them time. Boys are dumb and slow." Which is oh so true. :)

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