Saturday, June 25, 2011

College Life

college is awesome. just awesome. i love all the girls in my hall and i love meeting new people. its all a new adventure that i am just loving. today i got my palm read it was surprisingly is what she said
-i stress the little things (oh so true)
-one major stresser in my life thus far (ACL tear)
-i am very passionate (so true i love too many things)
for my future:
-i will live until my 80'sish
-i will have 2 kids and one will be a surprise
-towards the end on my life i will have a major medical choice to make about my life
-i will have 2 major passions that i try to make work together but then i have to split them sometime down the road
-something happened to me in the pre-existence that makes me different. (not really future but i had to put it in somewhere)
-i'm average-ly wise
-my knowledge will be very useful in my everyday life

so that was my palm reading. good times.
i also went to the dollar theater with 2 of my new college friends :) we had a hard time finding it but my sense of direction (which i thought was really bad) and my memory pulled through for us.

college is great. i love it. a lot.

oh and did i mention i have a semi date tomorrow? well i do. whatt whatt? haha really weird story on how that happened..ill share that in my next post and report on the date. ;)

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