Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guess What?! I'm a Poet!

ok not really..but I just had to write a poem for english and I'm really proud of here it is! :)

This Sucks
By Annie Turner
I’ve never been too dramatic. 
I’m pro at making things look fantastic.
I’ve always looked at the bright side.  
But, oh the things inside I hide.  
When things go wrong, I’m told- be happy,  
I’m not one for being too sappy, 
There are worse things that can happen. 
I’m cool when bad things come a tappin’ 
But then my ACL started a snappin’ 
Who d’a thunk this would ever happen?
I walk with a obvious limp
I am forever labeled a gimp. 
This brace stays with me all the time, 
Oh, how my life used to be sublime.
To shower I use a plastic bag.  
And clipping my toenails is such a drag.  
Everywhere I go this stays on.
My leg is straight when I use the john.  
I wake every time I want to roll.
There’s not much one can say to consul. 
I often feel like an old lady, 
and people treat me like I’m a baby.
I have never had such bad luck.
But can I just say, this really does suck.

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