Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank You All!

lately i have been overwhelmed with the many things i have to do before JUNE 18TH when i leave for college. here's a small list-

  1. figure out all my teeth stuff, when im getting my permanent ones, whitening and stuff
  2. knee surgery and all that stuff
  3. getting everything for college
  4. do all my graduation duties as president
  5. write my speech
  6. pack for college
  7. figure out grad gifts for friends and such
ok so it's not that long but the all of these things are pretty hefty. i had my knee surgery and so far not much's day 2 and i hear day 3 is the worst so we will see how tomorrow goes..i have such great friends though. i have had many visits from good friends. Shaunessy decorated my living room and got me a giant coloring book, a sippy cup, and poster with a beautiful boy on it (hehe), and a diet coke stash. :) Chloe brought me a chick-fil-a milkshake, Leslie brought me chick-fil-a breakfast (the best ever), Zoe brought a fun movie for us to watch, Christina and Rachel brought me a tangled giant coloring book (do great!!) and another sippy cup! (my friends know me so well haha) Lauren brought me balloons and chex muddy buddies, Seth and Thomas stopped by for a visit, and Griffin and Victoria brought me robecks. soooo many nummy treats and fun things to keep me occupied. :) 

and many thanks to my wonderful family who wait on me and are so willing to help me with anything. dad got me pretty flowers and all of them are the perfect nurses. love them all. :) 

thanks everyone for your prayers and care you have given me. all you wonderful people are making this bummy situation a bearable one. thanks all! :)

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