Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh blog.

Oh blog, you are the best. i didnt realize how great you were until now. im sorry.

please let me vent for a little please:
I MISS LAX SO MUCH.  yes im still part of the team but it's different when you cant be out there on the field to fight with your family. it's so hard to watch them fight soo hard and not be able to do anything but yell a few clique sayings like, "keep fighting!" or "come on girls!" you have no idea how badly i want to just run on the field and play like ive never played before. it kills me to stand on the sidelines helpless. i want this so bad. every game i want to win so badly just like everyone else. i am not saying that if i was on the field the games would end differently cause that isnt true at all. im just saying i want to be out there fighting with them, working as hard as i can to prove to everyone we are not just "little old" herndon. we can not only play with the big dogs, but beat the big dogs. we have worked so hard this season and we deserve it to show. we deserve some proof. and on friday night, everyone will have that proof. cause everyone is gonna see just how "little" herndon is and be proven wrong

let's keep fighting hornets.

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