Sunday, May 8, 2011

Right Now.

where do i begin? this last friday my lacrosse team had the opportunity to compete against one of the best, oakton high school. it was our first game in the district tournament and in order to continue on to play in the tournament we had to win. we knew this was no easy task. we were for sure the underdogs. but we had heart. and a determination to win.
we got to oakton after a week of preparation both mentally and physically. we went through our regular warm-ups and  then it was time for the game to begin. we had a quick but powerful speech from coach and the team took the field. all of us on the sideline were antsy and uneasy. we all wanted it so bad. herndon is always the underdog and for once we wanted to get recognized for all the hard work we put into our game. we got down by 2. but then we quickly came right back. we were winning most every draw and fighting so hard for every loose ball. we made a couple of little mistakes that cost us big time. at the half we were down by 7. but everyone's hopes were still up, last time we played oakton  we were down by 6 and came back not to beat them but to close the gap, and this time it would be different, not only would we close the gap but we would win. we cam back form the half fired up and ready to fight some more with the help of gracie's pep talk. allie helped get us back in it with 3 goals in a row. there was no way we were giving up now, we had nothing to loose.
25 minutes went by to quick and they got away from us. we closed the gap but did not finish the game with a win. i had hoped that finally "little old" herndon could get some proof on paper for our hard work and heart. not this year. we may not have had the record we deserved but we did show the big dogs that we can keep up. we arent so little anymore. 

next year i have no doubt that herndon will prove to everyone else in the district that we can not only keep up with but we can beat the "big dogs."

i will never forget this season and the 3 others i've spent with the herndon lacrosse program. it has taught me so much not only about lacrosse but life in general. i've learned that when you stop worrying about yourself and worry about the people around you everything gets better. ive learned that organization is key to anything if you want to do it well. ive learned that little acts of kindness mean the world. and ive learned anyone can be your family if you let them.

thanks for letting me be a part of this great family. love you and i'll never forget you. 

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