Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

first off i want to share with everyone just how much i love my mom. here are
my top 5 reasons-
  1. when i am going through a hard time she always knows. even if i don't tell her what's going on or any details she is always quick to write a note. i always anticipate her beautifully crafted notes that lead me to tears every time i read them. i have saved all of them and go back to read them from time to time because they always cheer me up.
  2. endless amounts of favors she does for me. she makes my lunches (i'm 18 years old. i am capable of doing them myself but she still does them. don't tell her i said that..and if your reading this mom..i take it back..) if i had a penny every time i texted her from school asking her to do something for me i would be so rich. 
  3. she puts up with my craziness. not many can handle my full on crazy annie mood. my sister gets annoyed real quick, my dad..well he is pretty crazy too..but my mom just outs up with it. both of us. haha she just laughs and lets me be crazy. she even lets me mess with her hair so she looks like ellen degeneres. bless her heart.
  4. its not unlike her to surprise me with new clothes, a treat, or a little something just cause she saw it and thought i should have it. i love when i come home and have a new shirt on my bed. or a surprise in my lunch. it makes me day.
  5. her desire to make my problems disappear. even though that's not always possible she still tries to come up with different options for me to solve my problems. she sympathizes with me no matter what. but she also helps me see the other side of things instead of just the one-sided view i tend to have. i can always tell she genuinely cares about me and my feelings. 
i was going to whine a little about my stupid knee and all it's limitations it brings but writing about my wonderful mom just made me happy and not want to whine anymore. thanks mom for all you do for me. i love you and am proud of you. i love to show you off to my friends. :) thanks for everything. i love you.

p.s. check out her writing blog things if you haven't already. CAREFUL-MAY CAUSE TEARS.

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