Wednesday, April 27, 2011


oh my goodness, i love you guys. 

i'll start by pointing out the obvious, I LOVE YOU. a lot. you mean the world to me. 

last night was senior night and i was holding back tears it felt like the whole night. the sweet underclassmen planned such a perfect senior night/day i couldn't have asked for anything more. they brought us goodies and little cute gifts throughout the school day. 

us lovely seniors. :)

then once we got the field they were already there hustling around making sure everything went perfect. the field was beautifully decorated and each senior had a cute poster. and one big one that said, "WE <3 OUR SENIORS!" loved it. then once the festivities began as each senior walked through the arch of fellow laxers it became more and more real to me that i would not bet here next year which made me have to fight back tears even more. 
then came my turn. escorted by my family, i limped though the arc. right when i thought i could keep my composure i saw taty and lauren crying and i had to look away really fast. love those girls. then i came to my awesome coach and it was even harder to fight back those tears. then as the rest of the seniors walked through few words were spoken as we passed each other because we knew if we said what we were thinking the waaa-bulence would have to come quick.
then as if all this wasnt enough my coach had me and marina (gimp 1 and gimp 2) take the field with the starting line-up. before the first draw he called a time out and subbed us out calling us one at a time. as we both took our turns limping off the field the crowd and teams clapped. truly a moment i will never forget. (of course im still fighting back tears at this moment) as i come to coach he offers a fist bump just as he would any other player which made the whole situation feel more game like. so yes. i started in my senior night and had a perfect game. so did my fellow gimp, marina. :)
gimpiess :)

we won our senior night 17 to 1. it was quite the game. so proud of all the girls. 
even though i got injured and can't play/couldn't play the last couple games i have still loved every second of this season. of course i would give anything to be back on the field but i cant change what happened to my knee. 

for what it's worth:
coach is always telling us RIGHT NOW. and he is absolutely right. i kept telling myself next practice ill bring my a-game, next game ill play harder. but how dare i say that to myself. how dare i not give 110% all the time for my team, my coach, and for myself. if we dont take advantage of the moment we have right now then whats the point? how do you know there will be a next time? there wasnt for me. not to sound like im dead or anything or can never play ever again, but i dont have a next game to play with the herndon hornets. so we have to trust in coach when he says RIGHT NOW. there is no other time but right now. so team, dont ever say to yourself as i did, next time. say (pause) RIGHT NOW.  love you girls. keep playin tough. the season aint over yet. :)

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  1. i couldnt fight back my tears, i let them flow like no other. haha i blogged about my whole HS Lax experience if you're bored and want to read it.. lol