Friday, July 22, 2011

Stolen Phone

So. My second encounter with the cops while in college. (Don't worry about the first one..)

My phone was stolen. I went to a dance at the Cannon Center (where I eat, they have a big dance room thing..) and I put my phone in a cubby with 3 other friends. At the end of the dance I came back to the cubby and it was gone. Everyone else's phone was there but mine. We called it and it was turned off. There was no way it lost battery. We had the DJ make an announcement and I checked the front desk twice. I called it and left a message saying something like, "Hey this is Annie Turner and this is my phone, if you took it on accident return it soon. (now a slightly sterner tone...) And if you stole it, I will find you and I will get it back. So it's in your best interest to turn it in." It never turned up that night.

Then the next day I checked the usage and whoever had it used the internet at 12am, 2:30am, 3am, and 4am. So I knew it was stolen. I called the cops and told them my situation and they told me they have security cameras in the Cannon Center directly facing the cubbies. (yesss) So the had me come in and watch the tapes to see if we could see someone take it. And sure enough we did. A guy came in and opened the cubby above mine while looking directly in mine the whole time and then reached in, took my phone, put it in his pocket, and walked away. I was shocked. Me and my roommate couldn't believe that just happened. So they said they would try to get an ID and then press charges.

So that same day my sister text my phone and said something like, "Whoever is reading this and has my sister phone, you should know that she has contacted the BYU police and is going to contact Apple to use the GPS ont the phone so it's be in your best interest to return it." So we think he got scared because he called my friend Alex that night and said, "Hey so I seemed to have misplaced this phone and so I'm going to give it to the lost and found tomorrow." So we freaked out. I wanted to call him back and give him a piece of my mind and get his name and information and say, (in a very stern, sassy voice) "No, you did not misplace this phone.  I watched you take it shamelessly from my cubby. Do not try to lie to me and say you misplaced it." But the girls in my hall talked me into a more passive approach. Although my roommate did send him a text saying, "You're lucky Annie is a forgiving person and you're getting off didn't 'misplace' this phone, unless you consider pocketing someones phone 'misplacing it' we saw you on tape. So at least get off with a shred of dignity and be honest. She deserves at least that. So thanks for returning it. If you don't we have your face anyway so might as well be soon. " Love my sassy roommate Makenzie. Then he said, "Sorry it was a mistake. It'll be returned tomorrow." and she responded, "We look forward to it." haha how great.

Anyways. He did return the phone with nothing wrong (so far). He erased the Internet history so we can't see what he used the internet for. All is well and the police are still trying to ID him as far as I know.

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