Thursday, July 7, 2011


Here is my quick To-Do list for my life as I've felt most recent-

     1. Go to Africa. I've always wanted to go for some unknown reason. Maybe because little black children are just so gosh darn cute or the music is so appealing, I don't know what it is but Africa is the 1st place on my list to go visit. And not like South Africa but like a small village in Africa where I can learn their tribal language, dances, and customs. Just thinking about it makes me so excited. I've even YouTubed Twi (a language in spoken in Ghana) because it's so interesting to me. I have tons of sticky notes on my desk that tell me the basics to the language.

    2. Play Lacrosse. Yes of course I'm going to play lacrosse again in my life but I don't believe that I was done playing organized Lacrosse for a school when my ACL decided I was done. I am hoping and praying that I can be able to play Lacrosse here at BYU. I saw some of the team today in the Cannon Center there with their sport camps and I'm pretty sure I was breathless for a good 10 seconds. I looked up to them like a little kid does to people they admire. I kept thinking about how I should have gone up to talkt to them but I was so awe-struck that I couldn't do it. So. Hopefully sooner then going to Africa I want to play lacrosse again.

    3. Go for a run. Ok same as lacrosse. Of course I'll run again but it has been FOREVER since I ran for real and I'm dying. Not that I used to run like everyday or that I was a big runner but I enjoyed the occasional run. And I have the best running shoes in the world (according to me..)  Whenever I see someone running I just want to grab their face like Adam Sandler did in Billy Madison and say, "Cherish it! Cherish it!" But that might be a little weird to do don't you think?


    1. annie lets go to africa!!
      even though i hate running i will go run around my circle in your honor waving a flag that says "in honor of annie turner". i can't promise that i wont end up speed walking because as you know that is my preferred form of transportation but its the thought that counts.
      miss and love youu.

    2. shaunessy! haha i love you. miss you. cant wait to see you in a month!! :)