Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Frustrations of College...

Ok. Prepare yourself for a semi-depressing and angsty blog post tonight. I'm not having the best week...

My first ever college test i study pretty hard. I studied with me friend who happens to be really good. It was a Nutrition test which I knew would be hard and I'm not a good test taker to begin with but I had pretty high hopes I would at least get a B. No. Wrong. I did not do very well. I will not state what I got for it is embarrassing but you can pretty much guess it was not a B. I left a little discouraged but not too much so considering it was the first test, and Nutrition is hard, etc.
Then came my nest test. My Book of Mormon Mid-Term. I was very confident that I would do well. I was expecting a high B or A. I love that class and take notes and write in my scriptures so I was confident I would do well. I studied with a group (which studies show is the best thing to do) studied a little on my own, read all the reading, knew everything on the study guide and like I said was VERY confident I would do well. NO. WRONG AGAIN. I got a 76. 76!!! Book of Mormon was supposed to be my saving grace and the one class I would do well on tests with but no. The test was hard and most of what was on it wasn't even on the study guide! And others who went to the same study group and did the same amount of stuff as me got A's! I am so discouraged. I almost feel like if I hadn't studied nothing would change. Which isn't true but still. Gahhhh...
I knew college would be hard but I was anticipating this summer to be easier then it is. I am feeling like I'm just beginning this looonnggg, frustrating, journey through college that is only going to get worse. I'm hoping that is not true but look where my hope got me last time..2 disappointing and highly discouraging tests.

Ok, ok sorry for the depressing-ness but this is my blog and I do what I want.

Ending on a bright side:
I have an Executive Functioning Disorder, (if you don't know what that is click here it is pretty much spot on except for the planning part, I'm a really good planner...when I decide to plan...) and so that is a big reason, I think, why I struggle with tests. So I've decided to go the the counseling center here on campus to see if they have any guidance for me. I am also going to ask my Book of Mormon teacher if I can see my test and just let him know that I really do know the material but I just doesn't translate in a test.

And I'm doing really well in Writing mostly because there are no tests. :) But my first paper, my Op-Ed, I got a 91%. So BAM. I'm not stupid, just have different strengths and weaknesses then others, DUH.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed I'm really open and honest on these blog posts. So don't judge, I'm trusting whoever  reads this to be nice about whatever I post. Don't abuse that trust. haha


  1. You aren't stupid and you're going to do great in college! Don't get discouraged after 2 tests...YOU ARE A SMART AND BEAUTIFUL PERSON and that's more important than getting an A!