Sunday, December 4, 2011

I love Sundays.

I just love Sundays. I love that I get to get dressed up, go to church, then go to family dinner. On Sundays I get to breathe. It's a break for pretty much everything. It's my day to recharge. And today was an especially wonderful Sunday. It was fast Sunday (meaning I was fasting, and people go and bear their testimonies during church) and I was so impressed with my ward. So many people went up and bore such strong, meaningful testimonies. It really helped to strengthen my own testimony. Here were some thoughts I was pretty much overwhelmed by this Sunday:

-The God of the entire universe is aware of me. Not only is He aware of me, but he loves me more then I can comprehend. I don't know how that works or how I deserve that but somehow it works and it astounds me.

-Christ suffered for me personally. I always thought that the Atonement was just one big moment of suffering for all the sins of the world. But while being here at BYU I've learned it was an individual suffering. There was a moment where Christ, the Redeemer of the world, the son of God, suffered for me. He was thinking of me as He suffered for my sins. Again I don't know how that works but somehow it does and it makes me want to live my life in a way that makes that moment as short as possible.

-The temple is a sacred, and amazing place. My teacher in relief society put it perfectly, she said, "everyday imperfect people go to a perfect place to help become perfected." I'm grateful for a place where I can go to escape the world and all it's troubles and find peace. I'm grateful for the things that go on in the temple that make it possible for me to be with my family forever.

Those were the big three. Anyways I just love Sundays and as I go to start the last two weeks of this semester I am renewed and recharged. I am newly determined to work my butt off to finish this semester strong and then get that worked off butt home.

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