Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Healthy!

Can I just take a minute to talk about how happy I am to be as healthy as I am?

Lately I've noticed how far I've come from where I was after my whole knee fiasco.
I go for runs.
Meaning I put on my fancy sneakers, go outside, and RUN.

That may seem small and you may be asking yourself, "why on earth are you happy that you can run. I'd take any excuse I can get to not run."
But for me that's huge.
I don't mean to be dramatic I know there are plenty of things that could have been worse then tearing my ACL but it's my blog so I'm allowed to be a little dramatic.

Like most people I have a love/hate relationship with running.
But more often then not I love it.
The only part I hate is the before.
Which is so odd to me.
Wouldn't I not mind the before if I love every other part of it?
I'm just so lazy and so it's difficult to motivate myself to go.
But once I do I love it.
I love being in my own little world.
Out of all the many things in my life I can't control, when I run I control everything.
I control how fast I go, where I go, how long I go, what music I listen to, and what I think about.
I love the feeling afterwards.
I love hearing my iPod man, I call him Roberto, say "Nice work!" and "New record!"
(Don't ask why I call him Roberto..he doesn't even sound hispanic..)
I love feeling sore. It makes me feel accomplished.

I just love running and I'm happy to be healthy.
If you are healthy, don't take that for granted, use it.
Go running, walking, swimming, biking, anything!
Cause you never realize how good something is until it's gone.
So don't wait until it's gone.

That's all.
Oh, and,
Be happy.

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