Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ok so it's like 3am and I can't sleep.

1. because it feels like 1am
2. because I am too excited that I'm home to sleep
3.  because I'M HOME!

Everything is wonderful. 
So here is the run down of the things I love about home:

Reuniting with my parents.
Reuniting with Shaunessy.
Reuniting with Herndon ward-ites.
Having Christmas decorations up.
Having my room exactly how I left it.
Seeing my dog. (even if he did run right past me to see Marcie first...)
Feeling at home. 
Looking through my yearbook.
Being so excited to see my friends again.
Going to DC (tomorrow I go!)
Lounging on my couch.
Having such a large room. All to myself!
Being reunited with Maggie (my Honda Civic)

Ahhh. Everything about home makes me so happy. 

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