Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's one of those nights..

I have these nights where I can't sleep because my mind is racing a billion miles a minute. And tonight is one of those nights. So I tried to read a little to calm my mind but that just made it worse. I'm currently reading Ellen's new book, "Seriously...I'm kidding" and it's simply delightful. I love Ellen. I thought that maybe if I started to write down the things I was thinking it'd help to calm my mind down enough where I could sleep. Because sleep is necessary. Especially when you have 2 huge papers to write in one day. Whoop Whoop. are some things running through my mind. (For surely I cannot share them all, I like to keep you guessing. J)

Thought Number 1:
It's ridiculously hot in this room. I'm pretty positive our thermostat is broken again. How does Shelby sleep like this? She has her sheets, comforter, and another blanket atop her. And I believe she is wearing a sweatshirt. I wont inclose what I'm wearing but I'm definitely not wearing a sweatshirt. (I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts people, don't let your mind wander so far.)

Thought Number 2:
Tomorrow (today) is a big day. I have so much to do! I have to write 2 papers, clean for cleaning checks, other random homework, and somehow get to bed early because I have an early morning Dentist  appointment in Salt Lake. Then I get to pick up my Mom! I cannot wait. I wish I didn't have classes on Thursday so I could play with her all day but I have my 2 huge papers due in those classes so I can't skip them. Boo school. Ruining family bonding time.

Thought Number 3:
I miss Herndon Basketball. Austin played on TV today and it was so exciting to see him play again. And in the big leagues. Emily and I skyped while we watched it and we just couldn't help ourselves but recall the great adventures of Herndon Basketball. I miss Herndon and all it's inhabitants. (Even if it was deemed most vulgar city in all of the USA for the 2nd time...Come on people.) I can't wait to see my high school friends again. I'm already planning a white elephant party. Get ready friends, it's gonna be great.

Thought Number 4:
I'm a child. Let me explain that a little..I was reading Ellen's book and she started talking about children and their sense of wonder, (Faith Hill anyone?) and how they get excited over little things. And I realized that I do that. I get abnormally excited over little things. Nothing specific comes to mind but it's true, you are just going to have to trust me on this one. Oh! I thought of one. The other day I was outside and I stepped down and I left a footprint. I didn't even know my shoes were wet. I found it interesting. I made a noise showing my surprise and my friend Walker laughed at me. He likes to make fun of the things I do, he blames it on my blonde hair. Well Walker, you're wrong. I just haven't lost my sense of wonder. I see the good in the world. (BYUtv anyone?) I also love jumping in puddles, crunching leaves, and making wishes on stars. And yes, I still sleep with my Blankie. Call it me being blonde, call it me being immature, call it whatever you want, but I call it still having a sense of wonder. Which is pretty rare in this world if I do say so myself.

Thought Number 5:
Have I not done enough crazy things in my life? I don't have any really great stories to tell my kids. I haven't taken very many risks. Am I living my college years to the fullest? Is that even possible? I mean the only really exciting thing I have done worth re-telling is Roscoe. My illegal cat of one night. That's not enough! I need more! My kids deserve more! People help me have good stories to tell me kids! (Alex and Makenzie, don't hold this against me.)

Thought Number 6:
I cannot wait to have an apartment. I have so many plans already. I'm going to surprise my roommates with a nummy breakfast often, institute random dancing, have many parties, try a whole bunch of new recipes, and much more. So come visit me a lot next year friends. My apartment is going to be where it's at.

Well. Those are all the thoughts I'm willing to share. Believe me there were a ton more. I'll spare you my thought on marriage. Your welcome. Now I'm going to try to sleep. Wish me luck!

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