Sunday, November 6, 2011

So Grateful..

This will most likely be a more slightly religious post. (Don't stop reading...please?)

So many blessings. 
God is so good. 
Honestly I am so blessed.

Last night I helped my friend Alex write a lesson for Church and I loved what we were talking about.
Trying to figure out what she could talk about turned into a discussion of this gospel and all the things we just don't fully comprehend yet. Like how God works. How is it possible for Him to hear everyone's prayers? And answer them? Is it really like in Bruce Almighty where he gets e-mails and can answer them super fast? 

I mean time isn't a thing for God but that leaves me more confused. Like is my age and where I am right now in my life not a factor for Him? Is everything happening instantaneously? If so, how on earth does that work? 

See what I mean? So many questions. I just can't wait to die and be able to receive answers to all these questions and more. (I'm in no rush to die obviously, I'm just excited to know everything and anything I want to know. I'm a curious child.)
Then we got thinking about how the gospel is the only reason we are who we are and we are where we are. We were trying to figure out where we would be without the gospel. And honestly I have no idea. All I know is that I know I would not be as happy as I am now, and I'd be so lost. 

Then we were thinking about why me? Why was I blessed to be born into the gospel? And why was I not only blessed to be born in the gospel but blessed with the gift of just knowing. I've always really known that this is the true gospel. I've never had one moment when I all of a sudden knew, I've just always known. One thing I think is maybe because I couldn't handle life without it. It's my rock. It's my one constant thing in my ever-changing world. That's a very humbling way to think of it. 

I don't know a lot of things for sure. Actually most things I don't know for sure. But the few things I do know for absolute certain are-

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on this earth. 
Christ is my Savior and I am forever grateful for His infinite Atonement. 
He knows me, loves me, heals me, holds me, and saves me- everyday. 
My Heavenly Father knows me, loves me, listenings to me, and answers my prayers- everyday. 
Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet of God and 
he receives direct revelation from God to help guide me and protect me. 
Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God as well. He really did translate the Book of Mormon. 
The Book of Mormon is the true word of God, another testament of Jesus Christ. 
The sole reason I am as happy as I am is because I know all this. 
It sounds all too good to be true. 
But it is true. I know it is. 

If you are confused by anything you just read or just want to know more, ask me any questions. 
I want you to be as happy as I am. :) 


  1. Sometimes I used to ask myself and God, Of all the places on Earth and with all the eras of time, why was I placed in my circumstances, in this place, and at this particular time? Someone told me, God knows who we are, and who we were in the pre existence. He knew/knows are strengths and weakness and sent us to where we would be correctly challenged and gain the unique earthly experiences and knowledge, that we individually need in order to be like him. I really liked that.