Friday, August 26, 2011

Dorm Tour!

Alright, alright! Stop pestering! I'll give you a tour of my magnificent Dorm! :)

Our lovely room.

Our lovely door.

My lovely closet.

The lovely inside of my closet.

The lovely inside of the other side of my closet. 
Our lovely Bathroom.

Our lovely Shower.

Our lovely Toilet.

Our lovely half of the bathroom.

My lovely desk.

My lovely bed.

My lovely bulletin board. With lovely Herndon Pride.

A picture to show the lovely *height of my bed.

Lovely me. 
Yup. Pretty lovely huh?

*I know what you're thinking- "How on earth does she get in her bed with that bum knee of hers? And not to mention her small stature!" I have a step stool I use to get up on the fridge. Then from the fridge, I hop on my bed. It's quite simple really.

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