Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's over?

So today is the day I go home after finishing my 1st term here at BYU! I think I did pretty well, all things considering..

It flew by. It feels like I was just dropped off and just barely met Makenzie. But no. That was 2 months ago!

Today has been a whirlwind of everything. I took my last final (and did pretty well) and then quickly cleaned my room, packed, stuffed my car, and now here I am. Waiting for Kenzie to come home to go to lunch at the Cannon for the last time as roommates. :) I'm so glad things worked out between us. I was worried at first but now we are the best pair of roommates ever.

I'm so excited to go home. I loved it here this summer but now I'm ready for a break from school and time with friends and family. You saw my list of things to do and I cannot wait to do all those things. Oh man I can't wait. I am also excited for the Doc to say I can finally jog. AHHHH SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.

I'm super excited for fall. I am excited for the billion more people to be roaming around campus, for the football games, for my new roommate, (no offense Kenzie. You know I love you.) and for just the hustle and bustle of everything. That's how I work best. Hustling and bustling. :)

13 hours until I am HOME! :)

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