Monday, August 8, 2011

Well Hello Girly Side of Me..

As I said before, this is my blog and I'll write what I want. 

I just watched the Notebook and it kind of kills me. I just want a love story so badly. They say BYU just pressures you into wanting to get married, it's so true. OK so I don't want to get married really soon or anything but the billions of couples here at BYU make me think about what I want. Me and my roommate Kenzie somehow end up talking about all that we want, husband-wise, almost's almost embarrassing. But oh well. It is what it is. haha

I guess I'll clue you into a few things I want..don't judge me. If you do I guess I wont know what you want. haha

1. I want a man who is absolutely crazy about me. Me and Kenzie talk about this all the time. We just want someone to think the world of us and can't even believe they got us. And visa-versa of course. :)

2. I want to be the cutest old couple ever. Just as in love as we were when we were newly weds.

3. I want to have a cute story. I know everyone says that and it doesn't happen for everyone and I shouldn't get my hopes up but again, this is my blog. I do what I want. :) I don't want to be another couple that meet at BYU. Chances are that it's gonna happen like that but oh well. A girl can dream right?

4. A beautiful black man wouldn't hurt either..
that's all for now..or all I wanna share with the world. haha

P.S. 3 days. 3. :)

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