Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adventure List-with Shaunessy Neel

We have always talked about places we want to travel for certain holidays and what not, so it's time to make a list. So here it is:

Oh, and this is not a closed inviation to just Shaunessy and me, if you want to join in and come along, COME!
You just have to pay... :) 

1. Go to NYC on New Years Eve (We will stay there a little longer so Shaunessy can shop at the creepy underground places..)
2. Go to New Orleans on Mardi Gras
3. Go to Ireland on St. Patricks Day
4. Go throw tomatoes at each other and random people in Italy on the day they do that or whatever..
5. Run with the bulls. (haha jk. Shaunessy wouldn't run and so she would die. I like her too much for that..)
6. Go to India on for the Festival of Colors
7. NO SAYING WE ARE INSENSITIVE WITH THIS ONE> Go to Germany on the day the Holocaust ended. (Don't worry we will be sad in all the pictures we take there. For real though.)
8. Go to Africa on Martin Luther King Day. (OK so I just want an excuse to go to Africa...)
9. Find out some cool holiday or celebration in France and go there for that..maybe the day Ratitoulle came out?
10. Find out some cool holiday or celebration in Greece and go there for that..maybe the day Mama Mia came out? Or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? 
11. Go anywhere our little hearts desire to go. 


  1. greece- how about the day of the first olympics?! thats like my mothers dream. we are olympics freaks.

  2. due to the fact that my entire life i've just been trying to go to nyc for new years, count me in. we could probably take a bag of waffles from trina in order to survive the trip...

  3. hahah erin. lets go this year.
    kenz, good idea! that is perfect!