Friday, August 12, 2011

I am home!

I finally made it. I am home. I have been dreaming of this since the day I got to Provo. Not that I hate Provo, or even that I hate Utah, I don't. I actually grew to love it there. But Dorothy said it best,

"There is no place like home." 

Once I finally got off the airplane, ran to my beautiful parents, got my luggage (thanks to pop), got to the car, and drove home I started shaking. I turned the bend and saw all my best friends cars. I jumped out of the car and yelled, "I'll come back for my stuff!" (my dad just giggled and said don't worry i got it.) and ran as fast as my messed up knee would let me. I bursted open the door and instantly ran into Shaunessy. Then Chloe, then Zoe, then Brittany, then Brandon, and finally Sara. (and of course Nikki was in the line of hugs too. That cute dog.) Each hug could not have lasted long enough to show how extremely excited I was to see them all again. I was literally shaking with excitement. I couldn't sit still, I was just bouncing everywhere. I hope every homecoming is like this. I'm pretty sure it will be, knowing me..haha

Then today, my first full day home after college, I went to Georgetown with Chloe and Zoe and we saw our future houses. Oh man Georgetown in pretty. (The man I marry better have a good job because Georgetown is also quite expensive...) Oh but I just couldn't stop looking around and trying to take in all the green, diversity, and even the humidity. Oh it was just wonderful. 

Then I had friends come over to watch a movie and it just felt normal. I felt so at home and in my element. Making a pizza for everyone, manning the TV, inviting people in, etc. Ahhhhh I have some normality back into my life. 

I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring me. Pure joy. I already know that much. :)

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