Friday, August 26, 2011


Foundations of Leadership

I left for Utah early so I could go to this Leadership Conference BYU offers. Only about 300 of the new freshman get to go. Luckily a couple days before the conference, I got a call that I made it off the waiting list. So I changed my plane reservations, and headed to Utah. A little reluctant to leave so early but I landed in Provo and the next day I was off to Aspen Grove for the Conference. Of course we played some get-to-know-you games to meet everyone in our group. Honestly I don't remember everything we did but here are some highlights-

This could be me at the first BYU Football game..
1. Pep Rally. We were graced by BYU cheerleaders (no, Jimmer's girlfriend wasn't there..), BYU Cougarettes, and most importantly Cosmo! They taught us the BYU Fight Song, did some tricks for us, and showed some videos of Football and Basketball games to get us ready for the seasons to start. I cannot wait. Everyone was freaking out and for sure caught the "Spirit of the Y" as they call it. We all had goosebumps and a couple of us even held back tears. A little embarrassing I know..but hey, I'm just trying to fit in. :)

2. Dance. BYU knows how to throw a poppin' dance. Good music, fun people, crazy dance moves. All mixed in for a stupendous night. 

My group :)
3. Pushing Past Fears. One of the last things we did was probably the most fun and most rewarding. We each got a wood board and we were told to write all our goals for this upcoming school year on one side. Then on the other side we were told to write our fears and whatever else was keeping us from achieving the goals we wrote down on the other side. Some goals I wrote were study hard, ask for help when I need it, trust, have a great amount of the "Spirit of the Y" and some problems or fears I wrote down were, knee (boo..), no normal, EFD (learning disability.) Then after we wrote all this down the Director of the Conference taught us how to break the boards. And then we were told to break them. I was highly doubtful about my abilities in board breaking but I tried it anyway. We had our problems facing us and then we looked past them and broke the board. It was surprisingly very empowering. As each person in the group went to push past their fears we all cheered each other on and there were many high-fives, hugs, and and smiles. When I went I was freaking out a little..but I did it! I broke the board! I was so surprised that I did it I screamed and froze for a minute.  It was so exciting! haha I want to have everyone do this. Future Girls Camp, Youth Conference, and EFY directors-DO THIS.
If you can tell, I'm freaking out that I actually broke it. 

Well that's the short version of my great 3 days in Aspen Grove. Overall I'm so glad I was lucky enough to be taken off the waiting list and got to go. Learned a lot, made new friends, and got to enjoy the beauty of Utah. (Yup, there is beauty here.)

Here are some more pictures-
Aspen Grove
Pictures do not do it justice..
Kaileen, Me, and Caroline. We stuck together haha
My new friend Caroline and me :)

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