Sunday, March 10, 2013

Taken Care Of

These last couple days have been perfect days. I am so blessed. I'll admit it all started with a depressing movie I watched by myself. In this movie the main character is a fun-loving, pretty girl with amazing friends and life. She meets a charming doctor and falls in love. But the reason she met this doctor was because he was the doctor that diagnosed her with late-stage colon cancer. SPOILER ALERT: She dies in the end and I could not hold back the tears. Something about her life ending so short made me scared for my life. Not scared that I was going to die, but scared that I don't know what my life plan is right now. I couldn't sleep after that and began furiously searching for answers in my scriptures, in talks, and in prayer. I didn't come to any major conclusions that night but I did come to the conclusion that I needed a blessing and a chill pill. I then said a prayer that I could have some kind of peace just to get me through the night. God is good and blessed me with that peace.

I then woke up the next morning and texted my home teachers to come over to give me a blessing. They answered eagerly and assured me they would be there later that evening. I then continued to search for answers every way I know how. Then another tender mercy, my best friend Conner called me and asked to come over. He must have known I needed some help, he always knows what to say. He helped me realize that I don't need to have a plan right now. God has a plan and if I continue to move forward with faith that plan will be presented to me in due time. Most importantly, Heavenly Father has taken care of me thus far and there is no reason that would ever change.

Later that day my faithful and ever diligent Home Teachers came over as promised. They gave me a perfect blessing of peace and comfort to know that Heavenly Father is aware of me and my needs and desires. The blessing only left me with peace and joy knowing that I will be taken care of.

The next day I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Draper Temple with good friends from the ward. The Draper Temple is so beautiful, I was just amazed by the views and the peace that surrounded and filled that temple. Inside the temple I had a permanent grin on my face, I was experiencing pure joy. I was again overwhelmed by the confirmation of Conner's point, that I will be taken care of.

That day continued with only great things, spending quality time with people I love and the continued feeling that I will be taken care of. 

Then to top all this spiritual uplift-ment off I again had more peace and tender mercies given to me today at church. The lessons and talks were all perfect topics of things I needed to hear. I was yet again overcome with the feeling that I will be taken care of. 

So, in conclusion, of all the many things I don't know about my future, there is one thing I know for absolute certain- I will be taken care of. 

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