Monday, March 18, 2013

Fruits of Righteousness

This week in New Testament we went over Philippians and in Chapter 1:11 it talks about being filled with "fruits of righteousness." We talked about how that means using the gift of the Atonement that Christ has given us to it's full potential. Not only does the Atonement let us be forgiven of our sins but it can also empower us in Christ. The more we come to understand the gift of the Atonement and the power it can have in our lives the more "fruits of righteousness" we can see in our lives.

When I read "fruits of righteousness" I think of that being the consequences of the good things that I do. For example, I have been trying to go to the temple every week this semester and every time I go I feel such great peace and it gives me precious time to think through the tough decisions I have before me. Each time I go my testimony of temples is strengthened and I can see more blessings from being obedient to the prophets council of worthy temple attendance.

The more righteous acts that I do the stronger my testimony grows of this gospel. I am working completely replacing fear with faith and something that has helped me is finding strength in the Atonement. Christ will help me along the way and as I make big decisions. As I come to better understand the Atonement of Christ I can become better myself and begin to see more "fruits of righteousness" in my life.

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