Wednesday, September 28, 2011

beautiful day

Wednesdays are my longest days. I have class from 9-8 with a couple breaks in between, but those are usually filled with homework and meetings.

Usually I am just trying to get through my Wednesdays. 
Not today. 

Today I was happy. 
No particular reason, as my wonderful sister said, just because.

Today I was happy because:
I liked the outfit I was wearing,
I loved the weather, 
I had done all my reading for my classes,
I met with my wonderful Book of Mormon teacher, 
I chatted on the phone with my mom, 
I got a compliment (from a boy) about my outfit, 
walking home I look over and see the Y on the mountain and realize I made it into BYU. 
(that never ceases to amaze me.)
I giggled at some goofy YouTube videos, 
my Dad texted me and said he jogged today,
inspired by my Dad I went for a run too.
I ran about 2 miles.
2 miles. 
That doesn't seem like a lot but that is the farthest I've run since April 4. 
(the dreadful day I tore my ACL)
Still happy, I decided to do an ab workout. 
I took a nice, long, hot shower.
I am now sitting in my comfy bed ready to go to sleep.

so happy I don't care you are seeing me like this. turbie twist and all.
I am so blessed. 
God is too good to me.

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